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Think carefully to prevent spread of coronavirus at Halloween

Pembrokeshire County Council is urging residents to think carefully about how they will enjoy Halloween this year to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Halloween, like many other events, will sadly be impacted by the ongoing pandemic and the current restrictions in place.

Traditional Halloween activities like trick or treating, parties and other gatherings all risk spreading the virus further.

Cris Tomos, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Public Protection, said: “It is regrettable that so many events have been impacted by coronavirus this year and unfortunately Halloween will be another.

“However, we must all realise that the restrictions are in place to help keep the virus under control and it is vitally important we follow the rules, especially as cases rise across the country.

“We strongly advise against traditional trick or treating – the more people you meet in close contact the more chance you have of catching and spreading the virus.

“Please remember not to meet anyone indoors that you don’t live with or is not part of your extended household. This applies to both your home and in places like pubs and restaurants.”

Cllr Tomos reminded residents to continue to wash their hands regularly, observe social distancing and stick to the rule of meeting a maximum of six people indoors from their extended household (excluding children under 11).

He added: “We must all take personal responsibility for what we do and how we behave. By following the restrictions we can reduce the spread of coronavirus.”

More details on coronavirus restrictions in Wales can be found at:

ID: 7042, revised 14/10/2020