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Support Continues as 5-Mile Travel Limit Ends

As the five-mile travel restriction is lifted in Wales, Pembrokeshire County Council has moved to reassure the local community and visitors that it will continue to work hard to inform and support them.

“Our communities will start to welcome visitors this week,” said Cllr David Simpson, Leader of Pembrokeshire County Council. “Although the public have a huge responsibility to act responsibly – as consistently stressed by senior politicians both in Westminster and the Senedd – we as a local authority also have an important role to play.

“We are working closely with partners behind the scenes to make sure that we have procedures and measures in place to ensure the unlocking process is as safe as possible.”

Among the measures are a specific team being brought together by the Council and key partners to coordinate intelligence and information to monitor and manage any day to day issues, using data from the tourism sector, traffic measurements, and various teams on the ground.

Other measures include the production of a promotional film by Visit Pembrokeshire to welcome back tourists - with useful information on the concerns faced by local residents and constructive suggestions of what visitors can do to help.

“The Welsh Government’s Stay Local rule was kept in place to help every part of Wales manage the spread of the virus and properly welcome back visitors safely,” said Cllr Simpson.

“Visitors are an important part of our economy and so it’s important that local communities are welcoming towards them as we safely open up more of the visitor and tourism economy.”

Other measures include the use of electronic road signs (including the ones approaching Pembrokeshire and those in the County) to provide useful and relevant information to anyone travelling. Electronic signage in bus stops will also be used and extra signs are being considered.

A street trading arrangement has already been put in place to support café culture once restrictions ease, and an operational document has been produced to inform the local authority’s work for reopening the public realm – including facilities like car parks and public toilets.

Highways improvements are being considered including the potential re-allocation of road spaces, thanks to grant funding from the Welsh Government for sustainable transport solutions in response to Covid-19. The Council has worked up proposals for reallocation of road space in a few key towns which it will be sharing with communities as soon as possible.

The NHS Wales Test Trace Protect service is also well underway across Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion to track the virus and give extra protection to communities.

Cllr Simpson said it was vital to remember that coronavirus has not gone away, despite some restrictions being eased by Welsh Government. “It continues to be as important as ever to maintain social distancing, keep washing your hands regularly, and to self-isolate if you or someone in your household has symptoms,” he said.

“Pembrokeshire and the rest of Wales is safely and gradually reopening. Together, we’ve made some great progress. But we’re still not back to normal and there are still risks. It’s important that we respect each other, our communities, and the local environment.”

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