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Pride at hard work to keep county care providers safe

Staff working in the Pembrokeshire County Council Provider Supply Hub (PSH) supporting county care teams throughout the Covid-19 pandemic have reflected on a busy but emotional and rewarding few months.

The Hub staff have worked tirelessly seven days a week to keep care providers, their staff and those who rely on them as safe as possible.

Over the last five months the team has handed out more than 3.7m pieces of PPE, handled over 1,000 incoming calls and continues to make 200 proactive calls per week.

Set up at the start of the pandemic, the Hub works to aid Pembrokeshire care homes, domiciliary care and supported living with a range of assistance.

The Hub has been led by social care commissioning staff with support from colleagues redeployed from other council services.

The support mechanisms to care providers and managers includes the supply and distribution of PPE, testing of people who use care and support services and the staff who deliver them, and other forms of assistance.

The proactive calls made to care providers check how staff are, enquire if any additional support is needed and reassure that the Hub continues to be available as and when they may require support.

Joy James, Commissioning Manager in the Hub said: “Reflecting on the last few months, I would like to say how proud I am, of everyone who has been part of the PSH, it has been a privilege to be part of the team.  

“Quickly pulled together at the end of March, the PSH has been at the end of the phone or email, every day and on-call at weekends, to ensure that when our providers needed us we were there to offer that support or to seek out the right advice or response for them.

“The last few months have been both tiring and emotional for all, but everyone has pulled together because they wanted to be there for our providers who were working under extremely tough circumstances to care and keep those they care for, safe.”

The Hub team’s work was praised in feedback received from the Responsible Individual of a nursing and residential home in the north of the county.

They said: “We are writing to express our gratitude for the support that the Local Authority has given over the last few turbulent months.

“It was very evident when looking at media reports over the pandemic period that there was a lot of negativity towards various Local Authorities from care home owners and managers. However, I feel that it is very important that we highlight that this was not our experience at all.  

“It is really unbearable to think about how the situation could have been should we have been in a different area of the country.

“We are now preparing for the winter months but take comfort that with the ongoing support we have received from your team that we have a fighting chance to tackle any further crisis.”

The Hub works closely with other services such as Public Protection, Social Work teams, Hywel Dda University Health Board and the new Test, Trace and Protect Team.

The Hub will continue to operate through the autumn and winter to ensure that providers have timely support as and when they need it.

ID: 6847, revised 17/08/2020