Leaders Update: 10 December 2021

Hello everyone, welcome to my Leader’s Update.

Although I was planning to provide my next update on 17th December I thought it was important to highlight and consider the First Minister’s three-week review.

The Covid-19 situation in Pembrokeshire has seen a rise in positive cases over the last week following a period of cases dropping.

This, coupled with the Welsh Government’s position, means that we need to be vigilant of this awful virus.

As of today (10/12/21) the positive rate locally was 586.6 per 100,000 people.

Today the First Minister outlined the Welsh Government 21 Day review. Although no significant changes it did strongly advise taking a lateral flow test before going out to events, visiting friends or family, crowded or busy places – or before travelling. Mr Drakeford also stated that ‘everyone should wear face coverings in all indoor public places, including in cinemas and theatres, pubs and restaurants, when they aren’t eating or drinking’.

Along with the increased threat of the Omicron variant, we are reminding people to think of the continuing risks from this Covid variant when attending Christmas parties or other social gatherings this year.

It is human nature to want to forget about Covid as the festive season approaches, especially following the disappointment when the tighter restrictions had to be brought in just before Christmas last year.

Christmas parties and other planned gatherings during this holiday season is one particular area people can take extra care when planning festive events and looking forward to the celebrations.

Please consider meeting in smaller group numbers than you might ordinarily, in a well ventilated location and try to avoid mixing with too many other people. Wear a well fitted face covering where required. Be extra careful if you have contact with any vulnerable person.

Remember that Covid-19 loves busy indoor spaces. Please do what you can to protect yourself and others.

This approach also applies to New Year festivities as this could potentially cause a spike in positive cases in January 2022.

The take up of both the Covid vaccination booster, as well as the flu vaccine is as important as it has ever been now that we are seeing a new variant, so if you aren’t up to date with your vaccines and boosters we urge you to take up these offers.

It is vital that members of the community remember the simple things we can all do to give ourselves the best protection against Covid-19 and slow down the spread.

Continue to work from home where you can, take up vaccination including the booster when offered, keep your distance where possible and use face coverings where required.

The protective measures that will help make a difference to keep us safe, so please maintain hand hygiene, meet outdoors when the weather allows and let fresh air in if you are meeting indoors. Together we can ensure this Christmas is better than last year’s.

ID: 8417, revised 10/12/2021