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Leader's Coronavirus Update: Wednesday, 20th May

Pembrokeshire County Council Leader, Councillor David Simpson, has provided a coronavirus update for Wednesday, 20th May, as follows:

‘Once again I am delighted to give you my daily update.

‘It has been a very strange week so far. I began it by chairing the first virtual Cabinet meeting which went very well. I want to thank my Cabinet members and Council officers for their input and for enabling this meeting to take place.

‘As the week progressed I have had time to reflect on where we are now and what is happening around us. I’m sure you will all agree that this is not easy and the continuation of restrictions is really testing for us all.

‘I’m sure, like me, you have had times when you have felt vulnerable to this pandemic. However, we need to stay strong and keep our focus on better days ahead.

‘I fully appreciate how difficult it is for everyone. Anybody who feels alone needs to ensure they have a contact to talk to. As communities we are here to support each other. This pandemic is not targeting individuals so please do not feel this is personal. We are all in this together.

‘I want to confirm that our Waste and Recycle Centres will be opening next Tuesday, 26th May, but you will need to pre-book your slot. Be aware the slots are filling up quickly. You can book online or through our contact centre on 01437 764551.

‘As I write this today I have to highlight my gratitude to all the parents undertaking home teaching for their children and of course the teachers who are supporting and delivering their education needs.

‘As today is ‘National Thank a Teacher Day’ - I’d like to pay tribute to our teaching and education staff for all their hard work.

‘Our teachers – and all our staff working across education and childcare settings - have really stepped up to meet the current challenges we face.

‘Across the whole country, thousands have been going into schools to look after the children of critical workers and vulnerable children.

‘Many more have been supporting students to continue with their learning remotely and helping parents to do this as well. In fact a survey by Parentkind found that 84 per cent of Welsh parents were satisfied with the support they had received.

‘And others, right across the nation, have been coming forward with ideas for what we do next and ensure that they can get back to do what they do best – teach - when it is safe to do so.

‘A reminder as I set out yesterday that this week is Mental Health Awareness week. Information can be found at:

‘I really hope that everyone can continue to offer support to each other. We need to understand that we are not alone in tackling this pandemic. We are all in it together.

‘Public Health Wales is updating and adding to their resources regularly.  Please find all assets here:   

‘Also, please keep an eye on our newsroom at:

‘And to get daily email updates, log onto our website and sign into My Account at:

‘Don’t risk catching or spreading the virus, why risk it?  Remember: Stay Strong, Stay Safe and Stay at Home. Thank you.’


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