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Keeping pupils safe with socially distanced school crossing patrols

All 30 school crossing patrols in Pembrokeshire have now returned to post helping to ensure the safety of children, parents and carers as they walk to and from school.

Like many others, the service has changed the way it operates to enable social distancing to keep everyone safe.

Pembrokeshire County Council is asking everyone to follow the instructions from the patrols on new safety measures that have been implemented.

All sites have been marked with reminders to help adhere to the 2m social distancing rules.

Crossing procedure:

·         Look out for markings on the path and make sure you keep a 2m distance from the School Crossing Patrol and other people at all times

·         Listen carefully to the School Crossing Patrol - they will give instructions on crossing safely

·         Wait on the pavement behind the kerb until, the School Crossing Patrols tells you it is safe to cross.

·         Cross in a straight line and maintain a 2m gap between yourself and the patrol

Pembrokeshire County Council’s Road Safety team are promoting the safe use of these crossing points through leaflets to schools and posts on social media.

Drivers are reminded to stop for the School Crossing Patrol (SCP) allowing plenty of room for the SCP to retain a 2m gap between themselves and the people crossing.

Please be patient as crossing procedure may take slightly longer than usual.

Under the Road Traffic Act 1988, drivers are legally obliged to obey the school crossing patrol sign.  The law states that as soon as a patrol raises their sign, even if they have not stepped into the road, drivers must be prepared to stop.

Once the patrol is in the road displaying the sign, drivers MUST stop, and not proceed until the lollypop man/woman and any accompanying children and/or adults have cleared the road.

Cllr Phil Baker, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, Licensing and Major Events, said: “The School Crossing Patrol Service is so important for keeping our young people, their parents and carers safe.

“I’m delighted that all our patrols are in place and providing safety, reassurance and support.

“Although some changes have had to be made, those friendly faces and smiles every morning and afternoon are another key part of moving to the ‘new normal’ for our learners and schools.

“I would like to thank everyone for their patience around schools and school crossing patrol sites during the transition back to school.”

Pembrokeshire County Council is also encouraging parents and guardians walk, scoot or cycle if they can. 

If you are unable to walk to school, park away from the school and walk the last few minutes to school.

This Active Travel is healthier for the individual and better for the environment.

ID: 6982, revised 01/10/2020