Hydrogen powered cars and heating: £4.5m MH:EK project explores energy systems for a greener future

To get to Net Zero we must deliver Net Zero Power, Transport and Heat. There are huge opportunities here in Pembrokeshire for us to collaborate and act as a vital cluster of national significance.

The MH:EK project (Milford Haven: Energy Kingdom) which was launched in 2020, is an important step towards a decarbonised future.

MH:EK is a two-year £4.5 million project, completing in 2022, exploring what a decarbonised smart local energy system could look like for the Milford Haven Waterway that will allow for the ‘whole energy system’ integration of heat, power and transport.

Today’s event highlighted the launch of the innovative new technology of the Hydrogen Electrolyser, Storage and Refueller and the Hydrogen Hybrid Heating System at Milford Waterfront.

Attendees had the opportunity to learn of the important role of Hydrogen in transport and heating solutions – and what the Milford Haven Waterway could deliver as a Green Hydrogen hub for the UK.

The project will explore the potential of zero carbon hydrogen alongside renewable electricity to meet the UK target of net zero emissions by 2050.

Central to the project, and to achieving net zero carbon emissions, is a commitment to engage with the community, stakeholders and local industry, providing insight and opportunities for economic growth.

MH:EK will explore how to make using and distributing hydrogen financially viable within the different energy sectors of buildings, industry, power and transport all backed by comprehensive energy systems architecture.


 The two key demonstration projects:


Riversimple's hydrogen powered RASA car:

The project will demonstrate the practical application of hydrogen technology bytesting the feasibility of two hydrogen fuel cell powered RASA cars.

 Built by Welsh company Riversimple, they will operate as fleet cars in and around the Haven, using the green hydrogen electrolyser and refuelling facility now installed on Mackerel Quay on the Port estate.

 Hydrogen cars Milford Haven Energy Kingdom

Hydrogen hybrid heating system:

Demonstrating the role that hydrogen will play in decarbonising the way we heat our homes and businesses, this heating system is a world-first demonstration combining a hydrogen boiler with a heat pump and smart controls to deliver low carbon heating at the lowest possible cost.


Councillor Cris Tomos Cabinet Member for Environment and Welsh Language at Pembrokeshire County Council said: “We believe the MH:EK project holds promise in showcasing the far-reaching benefits of low carbon energy. It has the potential to lead the way and become the first of many Smart Local Energy Systems supporting our local communities, Wales and the UK in reaching the legislated target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.”

Secretary of State for Wales, Simon Hart MP, said: “It is fantastic to see Wales and the Milford Haven Waterway right at the forefront of Hydrogen technology. The energy sector in Milford Haven is already hugely significant. The expansion into green energy is of vital importance for achieving the UK Government’s target of Net Zero by 2050 and safeguarding local jobs and prosperity for the future.

Steve Edwards, Commercial Director at the Port of Milford Haven said: “Supplying a fifth of the UK’s energy needs and supporting 5,000 jobs in Wales, the energy sector on the Milford Haven Waterway is of strategic significance.  Milford Haven is well known as the Energy Capital of the UK and we are actively pursuing opportunities to add low carbon energy resources to the mix.  Decarbonisation of our energy supplies is vital and this project sets out a roadmap which includes useful and tangible demonstrators to aid research and build knowledge and understanding as we decarbonise the energy system.  We’re excited to be exploring how green energy will empower the next generation.”

Steve Wyatt, Research & Innovation Director, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult: “It is clear that Hydrogen has a crucial role to play alongside offshore wind if the U.K. is to achieve our goal of Net Zero by 2050. The MH:EK project is providing us with the real world experience of the technology and commercial systems which will be vital in our transition to a low carbon economy”.


MH:EK is gathering detailed information into the whole energy system of today around the Milford Haven Waterway.

This is helping to identify and design the emerging and transformative energy system of the future, based around meeting the energy needs for heating buildings, power generation and fuelling transport.

In addition, it will recognise the need to balance energy supply and demand in a secure and affordable way and to integrate with the requirements of the strong industry base across the region.

ID: 8250, revised 07/10/2021