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How to access free school meals during school closures

Information has been released on how families eligible for free school meals can continue to receive food during the school closure period.

 Those eligible for the service will be provided with a breakfast, lunch and snack for their child/children on a daily basis (Monday – Friday).

 Please contact the Catering Service and have the following details at hand:


·       The name of your child/children

·       The school(s) they attend

·       Any dietary information (vegetarian/allergies etc)

·       Your contact details.


Parents/guardians will also need to let the service know which school you would like to collect the meal from.

Please note that you do not have to pick-up from your child’s school.

 If an alternative pick-up point is closer to you, for example, you can choose that school to collect the meals from.

 If you also become eligible for free school meals over the next coming weeks, please contact the details below.

 This option will also be available over the Easter Holidays.

 The Catering Service will contact you with a pick-up time by 4pm Friday March 20th.

 Please email or telephone any of the following numbers:

01437 775922

01437 775912

01437 775949

01437 775250.

ID: 6165, revised 24/03/2020