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Help keep Pembrokeshire roads safe

As we start to head out of the lockdown, and with shops and schools re-opening and visitor numbers expected to gradually increase, we want to support and protect our communities by helping to ensure parking is done carefully and appropriately and is also considerate toward local communities who are keen to avoid fly parking and abandoned cars.

The adherence to parking restrictions helps to reduce congestion and improve road conditions and safety for drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, people with disabilities and those using public transport.

It also reduces the misuse of disabled parking bays, prevent delays to emergency vehicles and tackle problem parking around busy tourist areas, schools and residential areas, as well as assisting with access to shops and other services.

With the tourism economy re-opening, and the anticipation we will start to see more people moving about, the Council’s parking enforcement team will be deployed to help ensure parking restrictions both on streets and in our car parks are observed.

All Pembrokeshire County Council car parks have now re-opened.

Councillor Phil Baker, the Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, Licensing and Major Events, said: “More and more people will be getting out to enjoy Pembrokeshire as lockdown travelling restrictions are eased but we would ask people to please be considerate about how and where they park and to follow all parking restrictions.

“The restrictions are there to improve road safety and traffic flow and are there for the benefit of us all.

“Please remember that penalty charge notices can be issued but we would much prefer motorists to follow the restrictions in the first place and help keep Pembrokeshire’s roads safe.”

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ID: 6678, revised 07/07/2020