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Haverfordwest High School Ski Trip Statement

The headteacher of Haverfordwest High VC School, Mrs Jane Harries, has issued the following statement following a school trip to Italy during last week’s half-term break:

As Headteacher I sought advice from Public Health Wales and as at 10 am this morning (Tuesday, 25th February), the advice was as follows:

The ski trip which returned from Italy on the weekend did not travel to the two areas of lockdown in Italy affected by the coronavirus. They visited Fanano in the Modena region.

Advice for staff or pupils who have returned from Italy (not the quarantined areas of Lombardy and Veneto) is that should they develop symptoms of cough or fever or shortness of breath, they should immediately follow this advice:

·         stay indoors and avoid contact with other people as you would with the flu

·         call NHS 111 to inform them of your recent travel to the country

They do not need to follow this advice if they have no symptoms. If however staff or pupils have visited the quarantined areas they should go home and contact NHS 111.

We do have two pupils who were on family holidays in these areas and they have gone home.

Three staff have been sent home as a precaution and we are in the process of contacting all parents of pupils on the trip.

If they then feel that their son/daughter has any of the above symptoms they can come to collect them and follow the advice above.

At the time of making this statement 15 parents have collected pupils although many of these are parents who are collecting pupils due to concern over messages on social media.

There are no confirmed cases of coronavirus at Haverfordwest High VC School.

·         For the latest advice on coronavirus visit the Public Health Wales website at:


ID: 6068, revised 25/02/2020