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Council Leader's coronavirus update: Friday 15th January

Pembrokeshire County Council Leader, Councillor David Simpson, has provided a further coronavirus update for Friday, 15th January, as follows:

 ‘Welcome to my weekly update, I hope you are all well and staying safe

 ‘This week I want to reach out and thank everyone that has been adhering to the guidance to stay at home and exercise from your house.

 ‘I really do appreciate that these restrictions are affecting our lives but they are in place for a reason - to protect everyone one of us and to protect our NHS.

 ‘I’m aware of so many people that have not seen their family for months.

 ‘The vast majority of people are following the rules and it is important that is recognised.

 ‘The sacrifices we are all making is hard but necessary, so thank you for being considerate and staying safe

 ‘We are now all aware of how quickly the virus is spreading and the new strain is impacting far more on our lives than last year – so we all need to take extra care and look after ourselves.

‘Every day we all have to make a decision. Every day we have to decide whether our journeys are essential and necessary.

‘I want to remind everyone that it is not permitted to drive to an area to exercise – exercise should be done from home.

‘We are aware that some ‘hot spots’ are seeing high volume of people.

‘Remember, these locations will be there when we get out of lockdown for you to enjoy – now is not the time to visit.

‘If you need to go out, plan your journey to minimise the interaction with others to stop the spread of the virus.

‘The vaccine roll out is a leap forward, however, this will take time and we need to keep doing what is right for our families and communities.

‘Please keep up to date with our news and updates by visiting our website or following us on Twitter and Facebook - our social media messages and articles will keep you updated.

‘I’m very pleased to see that more people are now linked up with the Authority through My Account and connecting with us through our social media sites – thank you.

‘On a personal note I want to conclude this week by saying a huge thank you to those of you who are working together to reduce the spread of the virus.

‘However, there are some people that are still not following the guidance. To those people I would say: Please ask yourselves some simple questions 


·         Am I doing the right things?

·         Am I helping to fight this virus?

·         Can I do more to stop the virus spreading?



·         Stay at home

·         Work from home if you can

·         Wash Your Hands regularly

·         Wear a mask when required


‘If you have Covid symptoms then you need to be tested. Call 119 to arrange a test or go to

‘Please everyone – stay safe, look after yourselves and stay home.

‘The following coronavirus-related press releases have been issued since my last update:


·         Business Grants FAQs


·         Stay at home, urges council


·         Community Hub remains ready to help


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