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Communities mobilise to tackle litter as lockdown restrictions ease

As lockdown measures begin to be eased, a number of Pembrokeshire communities have mobilised to tackle litter on their streets.

With the support of The Pembrokeshire Eco Champion Project and additional kit supplied by Keep Wales Tidy, groups from Tenby, St Florence & Manorbier and Pembroke & Monkton have emerged.

Each group used social media to advertise a month-long campaign to clean their respective neighbourhoods.

In the case of Tenby and Pembroke these initiatives have been run by the Plastic Free Communities Groups that had already been very active before Covid-19.

During the stricter lockdown phase, both groups proved themselves instrumental in supporting their communities in other way but they are now returning to their more obvious ‘eco’ ways.

Due to social distancing, hubs were set up so that kit could be collected/dropped off safely and arrangements were made for Pembrokeshire County Council waste & recycling crews to collect the red community litter pick bags.

Holding a more traditional litter-pick event simply wasn’t possible so the idea was for residents taking a walk near their homes – individually or in family groups and socially distant from others - to collect a small bag of rubbish as they go and decant it into larger red bags ready for collection.

Some 75 bags have been filled during June.

Mark Bond, Pembrokeshire Eco Champion Project Coordinator said: “Throughout this lockdown phase we have seen incredible energy and cohesion coming from existing community groups, and we’ve also seen the emergence of new ones.

“It’s so great to be able to recognise and support this increase in community spirit and celebrate those who truly wish to take this moment to give their local area a much needed clean up.”

Pembrokeshire County Council Cabinet Member for the Environment, Cris Tomos, said: “It has been so heartening to see local communities coming together during this lockdown period to help each other and enhance their local areas.

“It’s great to see that community spirit is alive and well in Pembrokeshire.”

A number of other towns and villages around the county have contacted The Pembrokeshire Eco Champion Project to discuss similar ventures and anyone else who is considering doing the same in their community is urged to contact

Anyone considering similar ventures is asked to be mindful of the ‘stay local’ and social distancing measures currently in place.

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