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Changes to qualifications confirmed by Education Minister Kirsty Williams following further disruption to learning

Pembrokeshire County Council has welcomed the clarity given to A-Level and GCSE pupils today, following an announcement by the Education Minister Kirsty Williams that their end of term external assessments will be scrapped.

A statement released this afternoon (Wednesday) by the Welsh Government said:

‘Learners in Wales studying for Qualifications Wales approved GCSE, AS and A levels this year will receive grades determined by their school or college, based on work they have completed over their course.

‘This policy decision was confirmed by Education Minister Kirsty Williams today (Wednesday, January 20) following further disruption to face-to-face learning caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

‘The announcement followed recommendations from the design and delivery advisory Group that is made up of head teachers and college leaders.

‘The group was established by the Minister in December to ‘support wellbeing, fairness and progression’ for learners taking exams this year.

‘Speaking in a video released on her Twitter channel, the Minister said: “The worsening situation with the pandemic has meant we have no choice but to revisit our approach to ensure wellbeing and public confidence in our qualifications system.

“The proposals we are announcing today puts trust in teachers’ and lecturers’ knowledge of their learners’ work, as well as their commitment to prioritise teaching and learning in the time available to support learners’ progression.    

“Teaching the core content and aspects of each course remains my absolute priority for learners in exam years, so they are supported to progress with certainty into their next steps, with confidence in their grades.

“We are working with higher education institutions to look at how we can support learners through this transition, and can provide a bridge into university courses.

“I would like to thank each and every learner and education professional for their ongoing flexibility and adaptability in responding to this incredibly difficult situation.

“Their continuing commitment in the face of adversity is admirable, as is their individual and collective contribution to the national effort against Covid-19.”

ID: 7401, revised 20/01/2021