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Call to stay safe and respect the countryside

With more people using countryside paths and walks for exercise during coronavirus restrictions, a call has gone out for walkers to stay safe and respect landowners’ privacy and business.

The joint message comes from Pembrokeshire County Council and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority.

Pembrokeshire has some of the most beautiful countryside in Wales and is fantastic to explore on foot.

And with exercise close to home part of the permitted reasons to leave lockdown, paths and walks are increasingly busy.

Walkers are advised to only access footpaths from their doorstep and be aware that when using Countryside Rights of Way that you are crossing private land.

At this time of year the countryside is a busy place, lambing is in full swing and field preparation for new crops is underway.

Those using the paths are asked to follow and observe any advisory signs or temporary diversions you may come across.

Please note that routes are normally unrestricted, but under the present situation there may be some routes that aren’t available, such as closures to part of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

Please be particularly vigilant and respectful when using paths that are in the curtilage of private residences or pass through Farm Yards and adhere with “social distancing” at all times.

Please follow this advice:

  • Wherever possible restrict use to footpaths accessible within your neighbourhood – if possibledo not drive to the countryside to walk. 
  • Follow any diversion signs provided by landowner.
  • Remember social distancing. Keep 2m distance from anyone and use wide areas to pass each other safely.
  • Plan your walk - try to avoid busy times of day when many other people may be walking, and if possible, don`t use the same route every day.
  • Respect landowners as they may be self-isolating or have vulnerable people living with them. 
  • Ensure dogs are kept on a short lead, but beware of livestock as they may chase your dog.
  • Do not let your dog come in contact with other people.
  • Clean up after your dog – do not leave dog fouling bags behind.
  • Ensure gates are not left open allowing livestock to escape.
  • Keep to the line of the path, do not allow your dog to run free.
  • Respect the property and business you are passing through.
  • Keep away from livestock
  • As part of good personal hygiene always wash your hands after visiting the countryside.

 It is also worth remembering that when walking or running on roads where there is no pavement, you should face on-coming traffic and wear highly visible clothing.

 Ian Westley, Chief Executive of Pembrokeshire County Council and Tegryn Jones, Chief Executive of the Park Authority said: “This guidance will protect the public and any livestock they may encounter while out walking. It will also prevent additional calls upon emergency services, who are already working at capacity, from having to respond to issues such as trespass, lost dogs, sheep worrying and livestock escaping from fields.

 “We are encouraged by the response of the vast majority of the public in following Government advice to stay at home and only access the outdoors from their doorsteps. It is important for those people who do have walking opportunities on their doorsteps to take note of the advice provided when out walking.”

 Full details of the Coast Path closures can be found on the Authority’s website at

ID: 6273, revised 06/04/2020