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Cabinet Member's Message to Pupils

Pembrokeshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Education and Lifelong Learning has welcomed back pupils returning to school today (Monday, 29th June) and over the coming weeks.

In his message to pupils, parents, guardians and carers, Councillor Guy Woodham said: “While returning to school will not be the same as it was in March - with new classroom arrangements and fewer pupils in attendance at one time - I am sure you will all benefit in some way from being able to return to school even for a short period of time and under these new arrangements.

“Above all, the safety of pupils and school staff is paramount and I am sure that by working together and being sensible in our approach we can all help ensure that this is achieved.

“I should also like to thank everyone who has worked so very hard in keeping education running in Pembrokeshire over the last three months and the huge efforts made by all those involved in making sure that schools are as safe, accessible and supportive as they can be for this four week period of return.

“Finally, I should like to thank all the parents who have worked with the schools and the local authority to make sure we can maximise the benefit from this short window of opportunity for all Pembrokeshire pupils and for supporting your children with home schooling during the lockdown period.”

Councillor Woodham, who represents the electoral division of Milford East, added: “Going forward, it is important that we all continue to work together to achieve our aim that every learner achieves more than they thought possible.”



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