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'Bubble' arrangements and self-isolation in Pembs schools

Pembrokeshire’s schools are working hard to reduce the chances of Covid-19 spreading, the County Council has stressed.

To date there have been three confirmed cases of coronavirus in two of the county’s schools.

In order to restrict the number of contacts, pupils are being kept with their own year groups and/or classes to form a ‘bubble’ which will be kept apart from other ‘bubbles’.

Maintaining distinct groups or bubbles that do not mix makes it quicker and easier in the event of a positive case to identify those who are close contacts and may need to self-isolate and keep that number as small as possible.

In the event of a positive test being confirmed, those who have had close contact with the case are required to self-isolate in line with national guidance, for 14 days after their last known contact with the positive case.

This could involve the whole bubble and is to prevent further transmission of the virus, ensuring that if pupils (or staff) are carrying the virus (even without symptoms), they do not come into contact with others and potentially spread the virus further.

Director for Education Steven Richards-Downes said: “It is important that we all play our part in reducing the spread of the virus, in terms of the number of contacts we all have, the lower we keep them the less likely the virus is to spread.

“As we come closer to half-term  we need to think carefully about the messages provided to us about hands, face, and space and ensure that we do all we can to enable schools to be able to function effectively after half term.”

The Council’s Cabinet Member for Education and Lifelong Learning, Guy Woodham, added: “While everyone has made a great effort so far, we are now at a stage - although numbers thankfully remain low -  of there being a real risk of more cases arising if we do not all rigorously follow advice on social distancing and keeping our contact with others to a minimum.

“I do not underestimate the challenge, but it is all our responsibility to try and keep the number of new cases as low as possible by following the appropriate guidance and being sensible in the things that we do over the coming weeks and months.”   

ID: 7021, revised 15/10/2020