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Booking System still in place for Waste and Recycling Centres

A booking system continues to be in place for Pembrokeshire’s six Waste and Recycling Centres (WRCs).

Since May last year, all visitors have pre-booked their slot at:

The easy-to-use booking system ensures that the facilities continue to be safe for staff and the public, and not overwhelmed at peak times.

Slots can be booked up until 6am on the day when there are time slots available.

Visitors are asked to ensure that they display ID in their windscreen when they arrive at the centre for staff to verify the booking, eg driving licence/ utility bill.

The public are also asked to cancel their bookings if they no longer require their slots (via the link in the confirmation email) so they don’t go to waste.

Households can book up to three ‘option 1’ slots a week (cars or small vans with no commercial signage or trailers).

Other guidelines are as follows:

·         Social distancing rules will be in place at all times.

·         Please sanitise your hands before entering and on leaving the site.

·         Please do not visit the site if you or any of your household are displaying Covid-19 symptoms, have received a positive test for COVID-19 or have been instructed to isolate.

To pre-book a slot at a Waste and Recycling Centre, please go online at:

ID: 7739, revised 27/04/2021