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Be respectful call as noise complaints continue

Pembrokeshire County Council is again appealing to residents to be respectful and considerate of their neighbours as complaints about noise and anti-social behaviour continue.

The Council’s Public Health and Pollution Control team has received as many contacts since the start of lockdown in March as were received in the entire previous year.

Although lockdown restrictions have been eased, many people are continuing to work from home.

Noise and antisocial behaviour is therefore having a larger impact, as more people are at home during the day than normal.

Bonfires and dog issues – including fouling and dogs out of control - have also been flagged as a concern.

As a result of the volume of calls on the issues, the team is currently working hard to contact all those who have been in touch and may not be able to respond as quickly as normal.

Cris Tomos, the Pembrokeshire County Council Cabinet Member for Environment, Public Protection and Welsh Language, urged the public to be considerate of others.

“Lockdown was very tough and it was understandable that people wanted to make the most of their space at home and in their gardens.

“We had hoped that complaints about noise and antisocial behaviour would have eased as restrictions have been lifted but unfortunately we are still receiving them in far larger numbers than we are used to.

“I would reiterate my earlier appeals for everyone to take a moment to consider how their behaviour impacts on others.

“It could be something as simple as turning down music a notch or two that makes a real difference.”


ID: 6818, revised 11/08/2020