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National Family Support services

Housing – National Services

Shelter Cymru

We provide information, advice and support to help people identify the best options to find and keep a home and to help them take control of their own lives.  For more information click here

For more information on their Education Advisory Group click here.

Welsh Tenants

Welsh Tenants is essentially a rights based organisation, established in 1988 but with a longer history, our role is to respond to issues raised by members and to act as the representative voice of tenants in Wales. Towards this aim, we provide information, advice and support to both our members and the general body of tenants. For more information click here

Citizens Advice Bureau - Renting a home

When you are renting a home it is important for you to know what you can afford and understand the kind of rental agreement you are entering into. Find out about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant so that you can follow the rules. These pages can give you helpful information on problems you may have while renting. Find out what to do if you are facing eviction.

EP Cleaner

The Ultimate Tenant Protection Guide – 

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