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National Family Support services

Fostering and Adoption – National Services


British Association for Adoption & Fostering

Adoption UK

Adoption Register for England and Wales

Barnardo’s provides support for adoptive familiesThey provide a rangeof learning and networking opportunities. Tel: 0800 0277 280 (9am and 5pm)

After Adoption has produced a number of fact sheets that can be downloaded from their website. Tel: 0800 0 568 578

Family Rights Group - We are a charity founded in 1974 by social workers, lawyers and families in response to the injustices experienced by many parents involved with social services (now known as children’s services) and the unnecessary separation of children from their families.


Private Fostering - The Fostering Network Wales - provides information and an advice line. Call: 0800 316 7664 (9.30am to 12.30pm Monday to Friday, except bank holidays). Email: 

Family Rights Group - The Family Rights Group has published a number of fact sheets for kinship carers about various legal orders and entitlements.

Grandparents Plus - The Grandparent Association also has a number of fact-sheets that can be downloaded from their website.


Tax Advice for Foster Carers

Below is a link to an E-learning package developed by the HMRC.  The package advises on the tax and National Insurance issues involved for foster carers.  The package can be completed in bite size pieces.

Tax Advice for Foster Carers

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