Music Service

Why Learn To Play A Musical Instrument?

As well as the pleasure and enjoyment which making music offers to children and adults, the discipline of playing a musical instrument brings with it a host of benefits:

  • It develops self confidence and self esteem
  • It improves communication skills
  • It develops co-ordination skills
  • It encourages self discipline and develops learning skills
  • It develops social awareness and team- building skills
  • It encourages the development of leadership skills
  • It offers opportunities for visiting new places and meeting new people
  • It provides a means of relaxation in a stressful and turbulent world
  • It provides a positive focus for the use of leisure time.

Recent international surveys have indicated that the study of music not only enhances a child's learning, but also makes significant contribution to the standards children achieve.
Employers also increasingly acknowledge the positive impact, which the study of music has upon the ability of their employees to adapt themselves to the demands of a constantly changing environment.

The opportunity to play a musical instrument should be the right of every child, and at the Pembrokeshire Music Service we specialise in catering for the musical needs of the children from the time when they first choose their instrument to the time when they move to college and university or on to their professional careers.
Through individual lessons in schools and our extensive range of ensemble opportunities, we seek to nurture the talent our children display so that each pupil reaches his/her full potential.

For further information on learning to play a musical instrument please contact us.


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