Marriages and Civil Partnerships

Giving notice of marriage or civil partnership

Before you can marry or form a civil partnership you will both be required to give notice of marriage or civil partnership.

Currently, the notices can be given up to 12 months and at least 28 days before the date of the ceremony. This page explains what you need to do, please read it carefully.

The giving of notice is a legal statement to the Superintendent Registrar. You will both need to give your personal details and make a declaration that you are free to marry or form a civil partnership.

  • You will each need to attend in person at the register office in the district where you live.
  • You must have established where you wish to undertake your ceremony.
  • You must live in the district for at least seven consecutive full days before giving notice.
  • If you are a non UK/EEA national you may need to attend a designated Register Office. Not all Register Offices are designated, so you may have to get advice about where you can attend. Pembrokeshire Registration District is a designated register office.
  • You must wait at least 28 days after giving your notice before your marriage or civil partnership can take place.
  • If you both give your notices on different days, the minimum notice period is calculated from the date of the second notice.
  • A fee of 42.00 each is payable.

Please note: Approved premises venues are licensed for three years at a time. Please check with the venue that, if their licence will have expired before the provisional date for your ceremony, it is their intention to renew the licence. A notice of marriage/civil partnership cannot be accepted for an unlicensed venue. 

You will also need to produce documents to confirm your name, age, nationality, marital or civil partnership status and proof of address for the last seven full days prior to giving notice.

If you are over 18, a British National and live in Pembrokeshire this document may help you - .

Please confirm which documents you and your partner will be required to bring with us before attending to give your notice.

Please ensure you provide original documents, photocopies cannot be accepted.


ID: 95, revised 28/05/2024