Maintaining Independence


Long term loan

The responsibility for the provision of wheelchairs in Wales to those with a permanent or long term impairment rests with the Artificial Limb and Appliance Service (opens in a new tab). If you require a wheelchair for long term use and meet ALAS criteria, you should ask a qualified health care professional who knows you already such as your GP, District Nurse, Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist to complete a referral to reduce any delay.

Private hire/Purchase

If you need a wheelchair for a short period or would prefer to purchase your own wheelchair for long-term use, you chould consider either loaning, hiring or purchasing equipment from a local outlet (see examples below) or searching for a national supplier. 

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Occupational Therapy referral criteria

If you are currently involved with or have referred to the Occupational Therapy team, we are able to assess your need of a wheelchair for long-term use as part of a general assessment. However, if it is only a wheelchair that you are in need of, please refer to the information given above for guidance.

Travelling by car in your wheelchair

Not all wheelchairs are designed or tested for use as a seat in a vehicle and you should be able to get this information from the manufacturer or the wheelchair user instruction manual.

However, if you need to travel in your wheelchair and you are not sure if your wheelchair is suitable for you to be transported in, the Pembrokeshire Association of Community Transport Organisations (opens in a new tab) offer the free Wheelchair Passport Scheme (opens in new tab) which includes:

  • A check that your wheelchair is suitable for you to be transported in
  • A check that you are within safe weight limits for ramps, lifts, tie-downs etc
  • Guidance to show how you and your wheelchair should be safely secured within a vehicle
ID: 3980, revised 01/05/2024