Maintaining Independence

Adapting Your Home

Your home can be adapted in order to support you to remain living in your home safely and independently. The Welsh Government has produced guidance called ENABLE for organisations to use as a system to follow, which classifies adaptations as small, medium or large.


Small adaptations

You are able to either request an Occupational Therapy assessment or self-refer (which will reduce waiting times) to the relevant organisation depending upon your tenancy.   

Local Authority Tenants 

You are able to self-refer to the Council via the Contact Centre for the following adaptations which are not financially means tested:

  • Any internal hand rails
  • Up to 5m of external galvanised metal hand rails (within the bounds of the property)
  • Lever taps
  • Key Safe
  • Paddle Toilet Flush

Home Owners and Private Tenants

You are able to self-refer to Care & Repair to request grant funded adaptations but you may be asked to pay an administration charge:

  • Internal and external hand rails
  • Steps (wooden or concrete)
  • Key safe
  • Lever taps
  • Shower seat
  • Re-hanging internal doors

Social Housing Association Tenants

You should contact your landlord directly to enquire into what adaptations they are able to complete without the need of an Occupational Therapy assessment. 

ateb tenants are able to self-refer via their website at Minor Adaptations.



Medium and Large Adaptations

These adaptations range from ramps, stair lifts and level access showers to major structural changes and an Occupational Therapy assessment will be required.

If it is agreed that adaptations are appropriate and necessary, a recommendation will be submitted to the appropriate organisation, dependent upon your tenancy, in order to apply for a grant:

Local Authority tenants, Home Owners or Private Tenants

The recommendation will be sent to the Private Sector Housing team and a financial means test may be required which assesses income, savings and capital. 

Social Housing Association Tenants

The recommendation will be sent to your landlord who will consider your application and, upon agreement, apply for a Physical Adaptations Grant.



Arranging Adaptations Yourself

Home Owners and Private Tenants

If you are considering or wish to arrange adaptations to your home yourself, you may be eligible for VAT relief on certain building works and VAT for Builders provides Government guidance if your tradesman is unsure of the process.  If you have a disability or are over 60 and you are not confident about arranging works yourself, Care & Repair offer a support service from design to arranging tradesmen.

Local Authority Tenants

You will need to advice and have agreement from Pembrokeshire County Council of any Home Improvements before making any adaptations you may wish to make to your property.

Social Housing Association Tenants

Contact your landlord to discuss your needs.




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