Local Toilet Strategy

How we plan to meet current and future needs

  • We will seek to facilitate the provision of public toilets across the county on a cost neutral basis to the Council 
  • We will prioritise our provision taking into account the following considerations:
    • Funding availability
    • Disabled provision
    • Usage levels
    • Effect on economy
    • Effect on tourism
    • Frequency of misuse/anti-social behaviour
    • Proximity to other alternatives
    • Condition of property
  • We will focus our investment on key priority areas to aid improvements and modernisations, with an understanding that the investment pot is limited
  • We will support securing as much other provision across the County as possible by:
    • Working collaboratively with organisations, town and community councils and local communities to seek funding  
    • Encouraging and assisting with community asset transfers of our toilet stock where the agreement is they will continue to provide a public toilet as part of the transfer
    • Making available and promoting suitable public buildings within our control as public toilets to increase availability
    • Engaging with local organisations and businesses to encourage them to open up their toilets for public use to increase availability
    • Exploring the possibility of using a potential future Visitor Levy to fund provision
    • Review charges and consider additional pay to use facilities where appropriate
  • We will support access for all by:
    • Ensuring any new toilet blocks or where possible, large scale renovations of existing provision, increase the number of cubicles that are unisex to increase provision for all
    • Ensuring any new disabled facilities or large-scale renovations are compliant with the Equality Act 2010 (Disability) Regulations 2010 and that principles of inclusive design embodied in regulatory standards and guidance such as Building Regulations and British Standards are followed
    • Ensuring that consideration is given to incorporate Changing Places facilities within any appropriate future developments.
    • The planning service will give consideration to ensuring that accessible public toilets are part of planning and building control applications for appropriate buildings
    • Cashless payment facilities will be an option at all charged for toilet sites
      • Ensuing that the public are aware of where they can find a toilet and their opening times byimproving signage at facilities where opening hours are limited i.e winter closure and overnight closures
      • including all publically available toilets in Pembrokeshire on our public toilet map (not just those operated by PCC)
      • encouraging all public toilets to display the national toilet logo (appendix c)

We will consult with the public on any proposed future changes to help identify barriers and needs and ensure our provision is as accessible as possible. 

ID: 10280, revised 22/06/2023