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Local Land Charges

Local Land Charges Service

The local land charges service is provided for those purchasing property or land within the Pembrokeshire County Council area. The purpose of the service is to disclose to the prospective purchaser information, which may affect a particular property or plot of land. Every time a property or a piece of land is purchased leased or a valuation is carried out, a search should be sent to the Local Authority.

The search comprises a LLC1 form that discloses any matters that have been registered as a local land charge against the property concerned; and a CON29 form that gives information regarding highway, planning and environmental matters.

The local land charges unit maintains the local land charges register and it is constantly updated in order to provide accurate information in the search. The unit also obtains information from other departments within the Council such as the transportation & environment department, the development department and the social care and housing department.

Helping Us to Help You

In order that we can deal with your searches promptly, we need your help. When submitting searches:

  • Please ensure that an up to date ordnance survey location plan (scale 1:2500) is submitted with every search application with the boundary of the property duly identifiable.
  • Please complete the CON29 form correctly. Information on additional side, back or abutting roads will only be answered if they are specified by name in Box 'C' or referred to and highlighted on the submitted location plan.
  • Please fill in your full postal address (or if applicable the DX Number) in Box 'F'.

If you require a copy of a document please write or fax to the local land charges unit attaching a copy of the relevant schedule from the LLC1 reply

The local land charges unit does not hold information on highways, planning or environmental health matters. Therefore, to save unnecessary delay please contact those departments if you require further assistance.

Standard Search
LLC1 and CON29R
 £84.00  £16.80  £100.80  £6.00  £106.80
LLC1 (No change)        £6.00  £6.00
CON29R ONLY  £84.00  £16.80      £100.80
OPTIONAL ENQUIRIES  £7.00  £1.40      £8.40
 SOLICITORS OWN QUESTIONS  £15.00  £3.00      £18.00
EXTRA PARCELS OF LAND  £11.70  £2.34      £14.04


Tel: 01437 775788


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