Local Development Plan Review

Sustainability Appraisal and Strategic Environmental Assessment

The Local Development Plan is undergoing Sustainability Appraisal and Strategic Environmental Assessment.  This will ensure that social, environmental and economic elements of sustainable development are integrated into the plan from the outset. 

In accordance with legislation, the statutory consultees (Natural Resources Wales and Cadw) have been notified that the SEA is taking place and the decision recorded. 

SEA screening decision record -

The SA Scoping Report has been consulted on with the statutory consultees (Natural Resources Wales and Cadw) for a period of five weeks until 3 September 2018.  Other specific non-statutory consultees were also consulted.  The SA Scoping Report was made available on the website for information.  The report has been amended to take account of consultation responses. 

Please note that the SA Scoping Report is a technical document and is provided in English only.

SA Scoping report

Technical Appendix 1:

Review of Policies Plans and Programmes

Technical Appendix 2:

Baseline Data Part 1/3

Baseline Data Part 2/3

Baseline Data Part 3/3


The Preferred Strategy has been appraised.  The Initial Appraisal of Sustainability Report is provided below:

Initial SA Report Preferred Strategy

Sustainability Appraisal of the Draft Vision & Draft Objectives

Sustainability Appraisal of Strategic Options July 2018


The Deposit Plan has been appraised.  The report is provided below:

SA Report Non-Technical Summary

SA Report

ID: 2503, revised 19/01/2021