Local Development Plan Review

Strategic Options

LDP Draft Issues, Vision, Objectives and Strategic Options (July  - September 2018)

This preliminary stage of the LDP process sets out the overarching aims of the LDP and puts forward various options for meeting future housing growth requirements over the Plan period (up until 2033).

Between 16th July and 10th September 2018 Pembrokeshire County Council ran an informal consultation on two documents - the Draft Issues, Vision and Objectives paper and the Strategic Housing Options Paper (Growth and Spatial Distribution). 

Pembrokeshire County Council also held workshops in July 2018 to discuss Options with Stakeholders, Members and Town and Community Councils. 


  • The Issues – what are the key issues facing the Plan area (up until 2033)?
  • The Vision – the core purpose of the Plan
  • Objectives – Elaborate on the Vision and focus on the outcomes the Plan should deliver
  • Strategic Options – Various scenarios for future levels of housing growth and broad locations/policy options to consider for accommodating this growth

The feedback received to this informal consultation will inform the development of the Council’s Preferred Strategy.


Documents published as part of this consultation:

Draft Issues, Vision & Objectives 2018

Strategic Housing Options Paper 2018

Strategic Option 1 - Urban Focus

Strategic Option 2 - Service Based Focus

Strategic Option 3 - Rural Community Focus

Strategic Options Questionnaire

Supporting technical documents:

Demographic Forecasts Paper - July 2018

Rural Settlement Report 2018

Settlement Clusters Paper - July 2018

Sustainability Appraisal of the Draft Vision & Draft Objectives

Sustainability Appraisal of Strategic Options July 2018

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