Local Development Plan Review

Preferred Strategy

The Preferred Strategy sets out the overall direction proposed for the replacement Local Development Plan.  It sets out the Plan’s vision, issues and objectives, preferred level of growth and spatial strategy and provides the strategic framework for more detailed policies. Nineteen Strategic Policies and five General Policies are proposed.


The Preferred Strategy, including the Key Diagram is being consulted on between 17 December 2018 and 4 February 2019. 

Please submit comments using the Preferred Strategy Comments form.

The Preferred Strategy is the first formal publication in the LDP process and follows from previous consultation on Strategic Options and the ‘Call for Sites’ for inclusion within the replacement Local Development Plan.  An Easy Read Version of the Preferred Strategy is available.


The Preferred Strategy is published alongside the following documents -

  • A Candidate Sites Register. The Authority has previously invited anyone with an interest in land to submit sites for consideration for inclusion within the Local   Development Plan. These sites are published in the Candidate Sites Register. An initial assessment of whether sites proposed for housing including as part of a mixed use site has been undertaken. 

Comments on the sites already submitted as Candidate Sites should be made using the Preferred Strategy Comments Form .

New sites proposed as additional Candidate Sites should use the Site Submission form and complete a Site Sustainability Appraisal form. Please see the candidate site page to download the forms and guidance notes for additional candidate site submissions.


  • The Local Development Plan Review Report. The report sets out what needs to change in the Local Development Plan and why.


  • Initial SA Report Preferred Strategy.  The initial appraisal has been undertaken to understand the social, environmental and economic effects of the preferred options, strategic and general policies proposed within the Preferred Strategy.  This should be read in conjunction with the SA Scoping Report and its associated Appendices.



  • An Equalities Impact Assessment has been undertaken. It assesses impact so as to understand the likely or actual impact on protected groups.


Comments and site submissions should be uploaded via MY ACCOUNT.   Registered users can use existing ‘My Accounts’ or new accounts can be created. Agents are requested to use ‘My Account – Business’. My Account instructions.


Background Papers  have also been published to support preparation on Local Development Plan2.  These include a Settlement Clusters Paper, Rural Facilities Paper and Demographic Forecasts Paper.  Further background documents will be published when they are available during the plan preparation process.


Please email ldp@pembrokeshire.gov.uk , telephone 01437 764551 or write to Development Plans, Community Services Directorate, Pembrokeshire County Council, County Hall, Haverfordwest SA71 1TP.

All comments and additional Candidate Sites submissions must be received by 4.30 pm on Monday the 4th February 2019.


What happens next?

All responses will be considered by the Authority and the Authority will set out how comments have been taken into account for the Preferred Strategy.

A new schedule of Candidate  Sites will also be published, along with the Authority’s initial assessment of them as part of an updated Candidate Sites Register.

Comments received, and identifying information relating to sites will not remain confidential.



ID: 2506, revised 18/01/2019