Local Development Plan Review

Overview and Timetable

In December we received a letter from Welsh Government Minister Lesley Griffiths AC/AM, Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs asking us to consider the feasibility of a Joint Local Development Plan with Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion County Council.  The letter advises us that Welsh Government will not agree any plan progressing individually until they receive a response to this request by 28th February 2018.  We are considering this request and any further updates will be posted on our website.  A draft response will be considered by Pembrokeshire County Council’s Cabinet on 12th February 2018.
Local Development Plan (LDP) Review / Roll Forward (LDP2)

The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act, 2004, requires every Local Planning Authority to review its Local Development Plan (LDP) regularly.  The commencement date for formal review will normally be no later than 4 years after LDP adoption. 

The first Review of Pembrokeshire County Council's LDP commenced on 5 May 2017.

The purpose of the Review is to ensure that the LDP stays up-to-date and to make changes to it where required.

In the early stages of Plan review, the key tasks are to:

  • Prepare a Review Report;
  • Prepare a Replacement Delivery Agreement;
  • Update the Evidence Base for the Plan;
  • Commence the Sustainability Appraisal (including Strategic Environmental Assessment) (SA / SEA) and Habitats Regulation Appraisal (HRA) for the Plan; and
  • Advertise for Candidate Sites.   


Review Report To show which parts of the LDP need to change and why. Published by the end of 2017, with formal   consultation later in the Plan process, at the same time as the LDP 2 Preferred Strategy is published (possibly late 2018).
Replacement Delivery Agreement To set out a timetable for preparation of the Replacement Plan; andTo put forward a Community Involvement Scheme, explaining how the Council will engage with the local community during Plan preparation. Published by the end of 2017, with associated public consultation.
Update of the Evidence Base To ensure that the Replacement Plan is underpinned by current information. An ongoing process, expected to be completed prior to LDP 2 Deposit (publication of a full draft Plan for consultation purposes).
Commence preparation of the SA (including SEA) and HRA for LDP 2  

Sustainability Appraisal of the LDP is required by the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act, 2004.  It is carried out to ensure the Plan contributes to the achievement of sustainable development.  It incorporates Strategic Environmental Assessment. 

Habitat Regulations Assessment is required to ensure that the LDP has no adverse impacts on any Natura 2000 sites in the Plan area and to meet the requirements of the ‘Habitats Directive' (92/43/EEC) and the ‘Birds Directive' (79/409/EEC). Other appraisals are also likely to be needed in conjunction with Plan preparation - further details will be posted in due course.

The Scoping Report for SA (including SEA) will be the first task to be undertaken, with work expected to commence during autumn 2017.
Advertising for Candidate Sites To provide an opportunity for the public to put forward sites they would wish to see identified for development purposes or otherwise designated by the Replacement Plan. Commences on Thursday 22nd March 2018 and ends at 5pm on Thursday 14th June 2018

Further information on each of these tasks is set out below: 

The Review Report will identify any parts of the current LDP (LDP 1) that are not working well or are out-of-date.   

What the Review Report will not do, however, is to say how the Plan will be changed.  That will follow a little later in the process, as explained below:

  • General indications of the ways in which the LDP might be modified will be in the Preferred Strategy for LDP 2.  There will be public consultation on this document.
  • Following this, the Deposit LDP 2 will be published.  This will be a full draft of LDP 2 and will also be subject to public consultation.

The Replacement Delivery Agreement

This will set out a timetable for preparation of LDP 2.  Welsh Government expects Local Planning Authorities to complete the review of their LDPs in less than four years.  A Community Involvement Scheme will also be incorporated into the Delivery Agreement.  This will set out the ways in which community engagement will take place during the Plan preparation process for LDP 2. 

There will be an opportunity for the public to comment on a draft version of this document.  After this, it will need to be agreed by the Council and then by Welsh Government.

Updating of the Evidence Base

The Council will update existing evidence and where necessary prepare new evidence to support preparation of the Replacement Plan.  The LDP 2 evidence base, including topic-based background papers, will be published on the following County Council web-site page:

LDP2 Evidence Base

SA (including SEA) and HRA

The Sustainability Appraisal, incorporating the Strategic Environmental Assessment, will be undertaken as follows:

  • An initial Scoping Report, which will describe the current sustainability issues in the Plan area and set out a common set of sustainability objectives, against which the Plan will be judged.
  • A Full Report of the Sustainability Assessment, explaining how the options and detailed policies considered for the Plan are likely to perform with regard to the sustainability objectives set out in the Scoping Report.  The Full Report will also say how any harmful effects of LDP 2 can be avoided or offset and how the beneficial effects can be maximised.
  • A Statement explaining how sustainability considerations and the Sustainability Assessment have been taken into consideration in the production of LDP 2.
  • Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) is required for any Plan or Programme which is likely to have a significant impact on a Natura 2000 site (a Special Area of Conservation - SAC, or a Special Protection Area - SPA), if that Plan or Programme is not directly concerned with the management of the site for nature conservation purposes.  The assessment is required to identify the likely effects of the Plan or Programme on the Natura 2000 site, indicate whether these effects are justifiable in a wider context and identify any mitigation measures that must be taken.

Habitats Regulations Assessment has two stages:

  • Screening.
  • The Assessment itself.

Candidate Sites

One aspect of the review of the Evidence Base is to identify sites within the Plan area where:

a)    Landowners have development aspirations; and

b)    The public thinks that designation for a specified purpose is required. 

The Council will formally advertise for Candidate Sites for the new Plan.  This will be a time-limited opportunity.  A form setting out required information and a guidance note will be prepared, to assist those wishing to put forward Candidate Sites.  All submitted Candidate Sites will be evaluated by the Council; however, submission of a Candidate Site does not guarantee it will be either allocated or designated by the Plan.

Later in the Plan preparation process, the Council will produce a Site Assessment Report, setting out its initial decision on each Candidate Site.  These decisions will be reflected in the provisions of the Deposit LDP 2 (a full draft Plan, published for consultation purposes) and the public will be able to make representations of support or objection to this document. 

Later stages in the Plan process

The information above sets out tasks that will take place early in the Plan process.  When the Delivery Agreement is published, this will include information (including timings) for subsequent stages of the Plan process, including those associated with the LDP 2 Preferred Strategy, Deposit, Submission, Examination, preparation of the Inspector's Report and Adoption. 

Further information and updates to the timetable for LDP 2 will be added to this web-site page in due course.

Consultation database

If you would like to be kept informed of progress on the preparation of LDP 2, please send an e-mail to ldp@pembrokeshire.gov.uk, with your name, address, telephone number, language preference (English or Welsh) and whether you prefer to be contacted by e-mail or post.  For those without an e-mail account, please telephone 01437-764551 and ask to be put through to the LDP team.

LDP2 Evidence Base 

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