Local Development Plan Review

Candidate Sites

The following documents include all sites that have been submitted to the authority for the replacement Local Development Plan (LDP2). These suggested sites are known as Candidate Sites.

The Candidate Sites will be assessed during 2019, following the criteria set out in the Candidate Site Analysis Methodology. Proposers of Candidate Sites will find out whether or not their site has been included in the LDP2 when a full draft of the Plan is published (known as the Deposit Plan).  This is anticipated to take place in Autumn/Winter 2019.

Additional Candidate Sites

The additional candidate sites received during the Preferred Strategy consultation between the 16th December 2018 and the 4th February 2019 have now been published below. Please note that only locations that received a suggested candidate site will be included in the additional candidate site register.


The Additional Candidate Sites Register


Map - part one

Map - part two

The following errors have been identified in the Additional Candidate Sites Register documents:

  • Numbers 491, 468, 504 were incorrectly coloured on the map
  • Number 478 was incorrectly coloured on both the table and corresponding map

The Additional Candidate Site Register Addendum shows the correct colour coding for the affected sites.


The public consultation on the additional candidate sites will take place between 17th April 2019 - 4.30pm Thursday 6th June 2019.

The comments form for the Additional Candidate Sites consultation is available here:

Additional Candidate Site Form (PDF)

Additional Candidate Site Form (Word)


The Candidate Sites’ Register is published below. This includes details of all Candidate Sites received by the Authority between 22nd March and the 14th August 2018, and an initial assessment of those sites where residential use is proposed for the whole or part of the site.

The Candidate Site Register




Fishguard & Goodwick


Haverfordwest & Merlins Bridge

Milford Haven & Neyland



Pembroke Dock



Transport Schemes - Roads

Transport Schemes - Shared Use Paths



ID: 2505, revised 25/04/2019