Local Development Plan Review

Candidate Sites

Candidate Sites

Pembrokeshire County Council issued a call for Candidate Sites between 22nd March and the 14th August 2018.  Candidate Sites are sites suggested by the public for inclusion in the LDP.

Pembrokeshire County Council is no longer accepting submissions of land as a Candidate Site.

A Candidate Sites’ Register will be published alongside the Preferred Strategy (anticipated to be in December 2018).  This will include details of all Candidate Sites received by the Authority.

Assessment of Candidate Sites will take place throughout early 2019, following the criteria set out in the Candidate Site Analysis Methodology. Proposers of Candidate Sites will find out whether or not their site has been included in the LDP2 when a full draft of the Plan is published (known as the Deposit Plan).  This is anticipated to take place in Autumn 2019.

ID: 2505, revised 18/09/2018