Local Development Plan Review

Candidate Sites

Candidate Sites

Members of the public are being invited to put forward sites which they consider should be identified for, or protected from development – known as Candidate Sites. 

The information is required for the Replacement Local Development Plan (LDP2), the evidence base for which is currently being developed by Pembrokeshire County Council. 

LDP2 will replace the current Local Development Plan for the area of Pembrokeshire outside the National Park when adopted in 2021.  

There are 20 weeks for members of the public to submit a Candidate Site. All submissions must relate to the areas of Pembrokeshire outside the National Park.

The period for submission of Candidate Sites commences on Thursday 22nd March and ends at 5pm on Tuesday 14th August 2018. 

The Council will consider every suggestion made, and will inform those who have suggested sites of the initial outcome in autumn 2019. 

To submit a Candidate Site, individuals must complete a standard form. There is a guidance note explaining what information should be provided. Please note that the proposer can complete the form and an agent is not essential for the completion of a candidate site submission. The site plan can be taken from our existing proposal maps here: https://www.pembrokeshire.gov.uk/adopted-local-development-plan or various mapping providers. The planning department is also able to produce OS base maps typically for £25 on request.

If you require assistance with completing the candidate site form, please do not hesitate to contact ldp@pembrokeshire.gov.uk or call (01437) 764551 and ask to speak to a member of the Local Development Plan (LDP) team.

The form and guidance note are available using the links below:

Candidate Site Form (PDF) (PDF)

Candidate Site Form (Word)

Guidance Note


Those who have already written to the Council regarding their land must also complete this form. 

Forms can either be returned by e-mail to ldp@pembrokeshire.gov.uk or by post. 

All submitted sites will be publicly available. The names of individuals and/or organisations suggesting Candidate Sites will also be made public. 

The submission of Candidate Sites is only a part of the information gathering process for the new plan – and is not a commitment by the Council to take forward any submitted site into the LDP2. 

Candidate Site Poster

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