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Local Development Plan Review

Candidate Sites

The following documents include all sites that have been submitted to the authority for the replacement Local Development Plan (LDP2). These suggested sites are known as Candidate Sites.

The Candidate Sites will be assessed during 2019, following the criteria set out in the Candidate Site Analysis Methodology. Proposers of Candidate Sites will find out whether or not their site has been included in the LDP2 when a full draft of the Plan is published (known as the Deposit Plan).  This is anticipated to take place in Autumn/Winter 2019.

Comments made on both the original and additional Candidate Sites will be taken into account during the Site assessment.


A new schedule containing original and additional Candidate  Sites has been published, along with the Authority’s initial assessment of them as part of an updated Candidate Sites Register. This register reflects changes made to the Rural Settlement Report available on the evidence page following Preferred Strategy responses.


This version also has the corresponding table for each settlement following each map rather than being in separate documents. Please see the cover text document, which explains the initial Site assessment before downloading the Candidate Site register.

Candidate Site Register 

Explanatory Text

Candidate Site Register - Part 1

Candidate Site Register - Part 2

Candidate Site Register - Part 3


ID: 2505, revised 21/01/2020