Living with a Disability

Care Management and Monitoring - Review

As part of our responsibility for managing your care it is important that we monitor and review the service you receive. Monitoring means that we keep an eye on the services that you receive. We do this either by the active involvement of a professional practitioner from social care or health (your Care Co-ordinator or Key Worker) or by receiving regular reports from your service provider.

It is also our responsibility to review your service and circumstances to ensure that the service continues to meet your needs. A review should be undertaken at least annually. It may take the form of a meeting with you, your carer and any service provider or we may undertake a review by contacting you,  and asking you some questions about your circumstances and service. We will also contact the provider of your services so they can let us know their views on how things are going.

If your needs change at any time and the services in your care plan are no longer suitable please let us know and we will arrange for someone to reassess your needs.

For example you may have regained some of your independence through recovery from illness or injury or you may be finding it more difficult to manage because your health has deteriorated.

For further information please contact:

Tel: 01437 764551


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