Light Pollution

What should I do if I am suffering from light pollution?

Firstly, if you are bothered by a light source approach the person responsible for the lighting and explain politely and calmly that you are being troubled by the light source. Although you may find this difficult, they might not be aware of the distress that the lighting is causing and by chatting to them about it you can reach a solution. A minor adjustment may be all that is required. Or an agreement about when lights should be turned on or off.

Should your informal approaches fail, or you are unable to speak with the person responsible for the lighting, then you can contact the Public Health Team who can investigate your complaint.

When can the Council take action?

The Department will firstly have to consider whether the source of the light is from an exempted premise. If it is not from an exempted premise, the department must determine whether the artificial light constitutes a statutory nuisance; which is prejudicial to health or a nuisance that causes a substantial interference with the average person's use and enjoyment of their own property. Action cannot be taken merely because a person is aware of light spilling onto their property from another source. The action the Public Protection Department can take will be also be influenced if the source of the lighting is from an industrial, trade or business premises, outdoor illuminated sporting facility or other premise covered by the defence of ‘best practicable means'. 

ID: 2411, revised 02/02/2023