Light Pollution

How do I make an official complaint to the Council?

You will need to contact the Public Health Team and provide the following details:

  • The nature of the complaint
  • The address where the problem is caused
  • Your own name and address and a contact number and/or email address. Please note that the Department is unable to act on anonymous complaints because of the legal requirements of nuisance and human rights law, and the practical issues of effectively investigating nuisance complaints.

Can I remain anonymous following my complaint?

Unlike other types of nuisance complaints that the department investigates, it is unlikely that the confidentiality of complainants can be maintained during an investigation into artificial light nuisance, since the person causing the nuisance may want specific advice from the Department on what adjustments are required to the lighting in order to avoid causing the nuisance, and this is likely to entail making reference to the affected property. 

ID: 2414, revised 23/03/2023