Licensing of Events

Licensing for one off events and special occasions

If you are holding an event with licensable activities for less than 500 people attending and lasting for not more than 168 hours you can hold your event by submitting a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) to the Licensing Authority.

This notice allows you to hold a licensable activity on premises that are not currently licensed, or to hold activities that an existing licence does not permit.

This would include for example:

  • Selling alcohol at a school fete – you will also need a TEN if you intend to hold an event where tickets are sold stating alcohol is ‘free’ e.g. a free glass of wine on entry
  • Providing regulated entertainment at a pub where the current licence does not permit this
  • Staying open to sell hot food into the night on a special occasion (e.g. New Year’s Eve)
  • Selling alcohol after the hours your normal licence permits, (e.g. for a special occasion).
ID: 4825, revised 14/02/2020