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*Concessionary rates are available for the following groups:

  • People aged 60 and above
  • People who are unemployed
  • People who are in full-time education (as defined by HR Revenue & Customs)
  • People with disabilities (in receipt of DLA, PIP or equivalent)
  • Carers (in receipt of Carers Allowance, Carers Credit or equivalent)

Items on Children and Young People's library cards will be exempt

Loan Charges: 

Talking Books

Loan Charge

Overdue Fees



15p per day  (Maximum per item  -  £5.00)






Children age 0-17 – Free
Disabled Borrowers - Free

10p per day  (Maximum per item  -  £5.00)


Children age 17 years or under  -  No Charge


 N.B. All combinations of CD or Cassette are charged at this rate  

Standard DVD’s

Loan Charge

Overdue Fees



15p per day  (Maximum per item  -  £5.00)



10p per day  (Maximum per item  -  £5.00)



Children age 17 years or under  -  No Charge



New Release DVD’s

Loan Charge

Overdue Fees



15p per day  (Maximum per item  -  £5.00)



10p per day  (Maximum per item  -  £5.00)


Children age 17 years or under  -  No Charge


Inter Library Loans

Loan Charge


If Sourced within Wales


If Sourced outside Wales



Reservation Charges




£1.30 per item



90p per item


Children age 0-17 – Free


If an item you are looking for is in stock but not located at your local library, then you can ask for the item to be reserved for you, by logging in to your Account or by asking a member of staff.

We will let you know when the reservation is ready to collect.


If an item is not in stock, please complete a request slip and we will consider buying it into our stock.

Inter Library Loans    

We may be able to borrow the item you require from another library authority in the UK.

This service is quite costly to the library service, so we would ask you to think carefully about whether you need this particular item.

Maximum number of Reservations/Requests/Inter Library Loans

The maximum number of Reservations/Requests and Inter Library Loans in place at any one time is five per reader.

Other Charges 

 FAX (In selected branches only)



Outgoing UK

£1.50 per sheet


Outgoing International

£3.00 per sheet



55p per sheet


Lost or Damaged Items - Charges are made according to the item lost 


Replacement Cards  
(In selected branches only)







No Charge



Photocopying & Printouts 
(In selected branches only)



A4 Black and white

15p per sheet


A4 Colour

30p per sheet


A3 Black and White

30p per sheet


A3 Colour

60p per sheet






At Outreach Locations (Adult Groups)

£32.50 per group



Art Sales



Sale of Art from Library Galleries

Commission of 35%







TV Company Filming On Site


£100 per day




Music Scores



Per 40 copies


£20 (minimum charge £20)


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About Us and Our Aims

Pembrokeshire Library Service is part of the Cultural Services department, which also manages our Arts, Archives and Museum Services, as well as Scolton Manon Country Park 

Pembrokeshire Library Service exists to make a positive difference to people’s lives; to reduce disadvantage; to inspire lifelong learning, and to create stronger and healthier communities.

We will do this by: delivering consistently excellent services; by targeting our activity at people and communities in most need, and by working collaboratively to deliver more than we could achieve on our own.

Between April 2013 and March 2014 our libraries had:

• 537,287 visits (equivalent to every man, woman and child in Pembrokeshire visiting more than four times a year)

• 482,727 loans of books and other resources

• 69,559 uses of our free internet access computers

• 12,398 uses of our free Wifi service

We asked our customers what they thought of our libraries:

• 99.5% of adults

• 99% of children

• 98% of teenagers were satisfied or very satisfied with our service

What our users say:

“I love the library. It helps me with my homework and everything else. It's wonderful.”

Fishguard Library Teenage User


“The staff are unfailingly helpful and friendly”

Haverfordwest Library User


Our priorities have been inspired by our analysis of what the best libraries deliver. We aspire to be amongst them – to be the best public library service in Wales. We will achieve this by delivering three overarching priorities:

Priority 1: Creating Stronger and Healthier Communities

Priority 2: Reducing Poverty

Priority 3: Delivering Excellence, Efficiently

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How are we performing?

What are the Welsh Public Library Standards?

The Welsh Public Library Standards (WPLS) are a set of standards set up by Welsh Government to assess if a Library Service in Wales is complying with their duties as set out in the Public Libraries and Museums 1964 Act.

The Welsh Public Libraries Standards also help Welsh Government to assess how efficiently library services in Wales are being delivered.

The standards are currently in their 5th framework.

How are we doing?:

In 2015-16, Pembrokeshire Library Services achieved:

5 out of the 7 core entitlements

18 out of the 18 quality indicators.

What Welsh Government said:  “doing good” (Citation reference)

Performance details (Positive Headline facts & figures)

In 2014-15, Pembrokeshire Libraries:

  • Welcomed XXXX visitors through its doors
  • Loaned XXXX items
  • Had XXXX Logon’s to its Wi-Fi service
  • Hosted training sessions and events, attended by XXXX People

Survey results

You said we did

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IT Facilities

People Network PC’s

Pembrokeshire Libraries provide free internet access in every library via our Public Network PC’s

At your local library you can:

  • Browse the internet
  • Send and receive emails
  • Use word processing and office tools, such as Microsoft Word & Excel.
  • Access Online Resources
  • Print out (charges apply

If you want to access one of our Public computers, you will need to become a member of Pembrokeshire Libraries.  

To use IT facilities in any of our Libraries, you must also agree to our Acceptable Use Policy.

Access for Children:

Children age 9-16 must have parental permission.


All of our libraries also offer free Wi-Fi, allowing you to go online on your own device.  You do not need to be a member of the library service to use the Wi-Fi.


Both our PC internet access and Wi-Fi internet access in our Libraries are filtered.  This means that you won’t be able to access some websites.  More details of this can be found in our Acceptable Use Policy.

IT Skills Sessions

Our Libraries often host IT training sessions for members of the public on a range of subjects, including how to first use a computer, using job websites, using our e-lending services, as well  IT gadget device drop ins.

Details of where and when these are held can be found on our Events Calendar.

24/7 E-Library service

Did you know that you can access a range of e-reference and e-lending services many from your own home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for free.

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You can read our Privacy Notice here 

This notice explains why we collect and keep your personal information, how your information is used and what we do with the information we collect.

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