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How are we performing?

What are the Welsh Public Library Standards?

The Welsh Public Library Standards (WPLS) are a set of standards set up by Welsh Government to assess if a Library Service in Wales is complying with their duties as set out in the Public Libraries and Museums 1964 Act.

The Welsh Public Libraries Standards also help Welsh Government to assess how efficiently library services in Wales are being delivered.

The standards are currently in their 5th framework.

How are we doing?:

In 2015-16, Pembrokeshire Library Services achieved:

5 out of the 7 core entitlements

18 out of the 18 quality indicators.

What Welsh Government said:  “doing good” (Citation reference)

Performance details (Positive Headline facts & figures)

In 2014-15, Pembrokeshire Libraries:

  • Welcomed XXXX visitors through its doors
  • Loaned XXXX items
  • Had XXXX Logon’s to its Wi-Fi service
  • Hosted training sessions and events, attended by XXXX People

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