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This handbook signposts you to important information about our Service and tells you what you need to know to complete your course successfully.

Mission Statement


Our promise to you

Your promise to us


What additional services do Learning Pembrokeshire provide?

What do I need to know about health, safety and security?

How do I complete a course successfully?

Education for sutainable development and global citizenship (ESDGC)

Compliment, complaints and suggestions

Learner involvement

Assessment appeals procedure

Privacy notices and data protection

Learning Pembrokeshire contacts

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Mission Statement

Learning Pembrokeshire aims to provide a range of high quality lifelong learning opportunities that will engage and enable all learners to gain knowledge and skills, progress in learning, play an active role in their communities and contribute to the wellbeing and economic prosperity of Pembrokeshire in the 21st century.

This information can be provided in alternative format such as larger print, Braille and audio tape.

If there is anything you do not understand or if you would like help reading this booklet, please talk to your course tutor or centre administration staff.

We are here to help you.


Welcome to Learning Pembrokeshire Adult Learning in the Community.

Whether you are joining us for the first time or returning to continue your studies with us, we hope that this year will be a pleasurable and rewarding experience for you.

This handbook signposts you to important information about our Service and tells you what you need to know to complete your course successfully.

Our promise to you

Learning Pembrokeshire is committed to providing high quality service to all individuals.

We will endeavour to:

  • Provide you with a full range of learning and development opportunities to meet your needs – whether it be to improve your health and wellbeing, build on your skills, gain a qualification or develop your career.
  • Provide equality of access to learning opportunities for all groups in the community.
  • Deliver high quality training using skilled and experienced staff who are committed to helping you achieve.
  • Provide opportunities in safe, accessible, friendly environments using modern technologies as well as providing a range of courses that can be studied online.
  • Give you regular feedback about your progress, providing a personal statement of learning to record your personal achievements.
  • Support you with any difficulties you may have in accessing our services such as disability, finance and welfare.

Your promise to us

  • Whether you are learning online or in a centre, as a Learning Pembrokeshire learner, we expect you to:
  • Attend regularly and be punctual for class.
  • Talk to us if you have any particular concerns or learning needs – we can’t help you unless we know.
  • Take an active part in your learning, monitoring your progress with your tutor and giving us feedback through end of course questionnaires.
  • Act in a way that ensures the general health and safety of yourself and others, taking particular notice of safety rules and regulations.
  • Respect the rights and feelings of others, promoting Learning Pembrokeshire’s ethos of equality for all.
  • Adhere to the Learning Pembrokeshire IT Policy on safe use of the internet.


For Learn Welsh Pembrokeshire bookings, fees, classes please visit the Learn Welsh website (opens in a new tab) and choose Pembrokeshire as your provider. Learn Welsh Pembrokeshire contact details are listed in the Contacts section.

The Learning Pembrokeshire website gives full details of our programme, term dates and charges.

Charges – there are different rates of charges depending on your circumstances. Please visit our website or contact your local centre for details. This does not apply to Learn Welsh learners.

Refunds policy – The Learning Pembrokeshire policy on refund of course fees is as follows:

  • Cancellations prior to commencement of the course will incur an administration charge of £10.
  • No refunds will be given following commencement of a course.
  • Appeals procedure:  Under exceptional circumstances, following course commencement, appeals for refunds can be made to the Area Lifelong Learning Coordinator. A minimum enrolment and administration charge of £25 will be incurred.

If you are experiencing difficulty in paying your course fees, please get in touch with administration staff in your local centre so that this can be discussed.  Your enquiry will be handled in confidence and we may be able to help.

Learn Welsh Pembrokeshire have their own fee policy and a financial contingency fund. Please see visit the Learn Welsh website financial page (opens in a new tab).

Viability – Published fees for classes may be subject to increase if the minimum number of enrolments is not reached each term. If any class is not financially viable, you will be given the choice to pay extra for the class to continue. This does not apply to Learn Welsh learners.

What additional services do Learning Pembrokeshire provide?

Information and Advice – Learning Pembrokeshire’s trained staff can help you to understand and make choices about courses, learning options, progression routes and volunteering opportunities available to you.

Essential Skills – Learning Pembrokeshire Essential Skills service offers classes/support in reading, writing, maths and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Speak to your tutor, in confidence, if you need help.

Welsh Language Standards - Pembrokeshire County Council adheres to the standards specified in the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 that, in the conduct of public business and the administration of justice in Wales, it will treat the English and Welsh Languages on a basis of equality, together with promoting and facilitating the use of the Welsh language. You should expect therefore that tutors will embed Welsh language and culture in Leisure and Essential Skills classes where appropriate. 

If you would prefer to conduct your business in Welsh or take part on a course delivered exclusively in Welsh, please contact on 01437 770180.

Specific help and support – Learning Pembrokeshire can provide support, advice and equipment/ resources to assist your learning. Please talk confidentially to your tutor or Centre Administrator.

Internet Access in Community Learning Centres – Wireless internet access is available in all Centres. If you would like to use your own laptop or mobile device on your course, please contact the Administration Officer in your Community Learning Centre for details.

Essential Skills:  Digital Literacy – Improving your digital literacy skills will not only allow you to operate safely and effectively in a digital world but will also enhance your learning and employability. If you would like to improve your digital skills, the Administration Officer in your Community Learning Centre will be able to offer advice and guidance on the best route for you.

Online learning via our Learning Zone

Some courses are delivered as online classes through our Learning Zone, making it easier than ever to learn no matter where you live. 

The Learning Zone (opens in a new tab) gives enrolled learners access to tutor-led online learning and resources. It enables a combination of face to face learning where tutors are present in the online classroom for each session.  This involves digital activities and provision of the course content in a secure online environment.

Visit our website and search for a course using the word ‘online’ to see the online options we offer.

Learn Welsh Pembrokeshire provide online classes using Zoom.

Groups and societies – Each Community Learning Centre has details of clubs, groups and societies that meet in the centre that can assist adults of all ages and abilities to maintain and improve wellbeing. Please ask your Centre Administrator for details.

What do I need to know about health, safety and security?

All Learning Pembrokeshire personnel have been cleared by the Disclosure and Barring Service and all activities/venues have been risk assessed. Copies of risk assessments undertaken, including Covid preventative measures, are available in centres.

Safeguarding – Learning Pembrokeshire promotes the welfare of children and vulnerable adults and strives to ensure that children and vulnerable adults in Pembrokeshire enjoy the best possible health and do not suffer abuse, victimisation or exploitation. Details of the Pembrokeshire County Council Corporate Safeguarding Policy and the guidelines as to the identification of vulnerable adults, i.e. regulated activities, are available in all centres.

Accident reporting – All accidents, however small or trivial must be reported to your tutor.  A first aid kit and details of qualified first aiders is available in all centres.

Emergency procedures - Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with your centre’s evacuation procedure and assembly points. If you require assistance in the event of an emergency, discuss your Personal Evacuation Plan (PEP) with your tutor.

Personal property - It is a condition of the services offered that learners take full responsibility for their personal property. Pembrokeshire County Council will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal property and it is recommended that learners arrange their own insurance cover prior to commencement of the course.

Class cancellation – Although every attempt is made to ensure that classes run regularly, in some cases it may be necessary for us to cancel your class. In extreme weather conditions, notices of centre closures will be available on the PCC website and via local media. If in doubt, please contact the centre to confirm that the class is running. If it is necessary to cancel a class due to tutor illness, every attempt will be made to contact you before the scheduled start time.  Please ensure that a contact number is given on enrolment and that the centre is notified of any changes.

Health and Wellbeing – The health and wellbeing of all of our learners and staff is important to us. Learning Pembrokeshire work with a range of partners across Pembrokeshire to promote health and wellbeing. If you need support, we may be able to signpost you to other organisations that can help.

How do I complete a course successfully?

Attend regularly and on time. Please inform us if you decide to withdraw from the course or if you are unable to attend for any reason. You will automatically be withdrawn from the course following three unauthorised absences.

Speak to your tutor about any special requirements or difficulties you may have.

Take an active part in your learning, helping your tutor to record your progress and achievements and giving us feedback through end-of-course evaluation.

Learning is assessed in different ways.

  • When you commence your learning you will be asked to complete an Individual Learning Plan (ILP).  This will give you the opportunity to identify your targets and then monitor your progress.
  • Information about assessment procedures for qualification courses will be covered by your course tutor.  Please let your course tutor know if you have any special requirements.
  • Your tutor will offer regular feedback about your progress.  This will be an opportunity for you to raise any difficulties or problems you may be experiencing with your course.

Education for sustainable development and global citizenship (ESDGC)

Learning Pembrokeshire promotes a culture of sustainable development and global citizenship. 

We encourage you as a learner to:

  • care for yourself, care for others and care for your environment
    • switch off lights when rooms are not in use
    • only print when absolutely necessary
    • use centre recycling facilities whenever possible
    • share transport to and from classes whenever possible
  • appreciate your role in the adult learning community, the local community and the global community
  • discover that, whatever you are studying, there are connections with other subjects, topics and issues, and with the “big picture” of the wider world
  • gain skills and explore issues in ways which will enable you to make up your own mind and decide how to act

Compliments, complaints and suggestions

Learning Pembrokeshire welcomes feedback. We need to know what we are doing well, what we can do better and what we can improve on. We take all comments, suggestions and complaints seriously, to help us continually improve our service.

Learning Pembrokeshire adheres to the Pembrokeshire County Council policy. Initial contact about compliments, complaints or suggestions should be with your course tutor or centre administrator.  It is hoped that any concerns that you may have will be resolved informally.

Further information can be found in Community Learning Centres or on the Pembrokeshire County Council website.

Learner Involvement

Learning Pembrokeshire strives to place the learner at the centre of all its activities. We welcome your involvement in helping us improve our service through evaluations, suggestions, forums and committees. When you enrol on a course you will be asked if you would like to participate in our Learner Forum. This will give you the opportunity to provide feedback and contribute to the development of our service.

If for any reason you miss this opportunity but would like to contribute to the development of the service, please speak to the Lifelong Learning Coordinator.

Assessment appeals procedure

An appeal is a procedure through which you may challenge an assessment outcome.

  • You should first discuss the outcome with the tutor concerned.
  • If you are not satisfied with the response you are given, you should appeal in writing to the Lifelong Learning Coordinator within 7 days of being given the assessment outcome.
  • The investigating officer will examine the procedure followed and provide you with a written response within 14 days.  This will not include a review of the candidate’s work.
  • All relevant documentation will be retained by the investigating officer during the period of the appeal.
  • If we are unable to resolve your query, you will be referred to the relevant Awarding Body Appeal’s policy e.g. Agored Cymru, BCS, WJEC, etc.  You will be kept up to date on the progress of your appeal at all stages.

Privacy notices and data protection

Learning Pembrokeshire

Lifelong Learning Wales Record (LLWR)

Using your personal information: The information you have provided is held on the Learning Pembrokeshire database and used in the following ways:

  1. For administration and online learning purposes relating to Adult and Community Learning.
  2. For administration purposes for Welsh Government’s Lifelong Learning Wales Record (LLWR).
  3. For planning, monitoring and inspection of learning.
  4. To produce statistics in accordance with the UK General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Act 2018.

Your personal data will only be processed to the extent that is necessary for the exercise of official authority vested in the controller.

If you are studying towards a qualification or credit(s), your details will need to be returned to the Awarding body for accreditation purposes.

Privacy notices will be displayed on notices on training room walls, will be available from Lifelong Learning Co-ordinators, Community Learning Centre administration staff and also via website links published on our website.

For further information on how your information and your rights to access information we hold on you, please ask your tutor or contact the area’s Lifelong Learning Co-ordinator.

Digital communication: You can opt out of this arrangement at any time, by contacting staff at the Community Learning Centre administering your course or by email

Learn Welsh Pembrokeshire

The National Centre for Learning Welsh

Learn Welsh Privacy Notice (opens in a new tab)


Learning Pembrokeshire Contacts

Essential Skills, ESOL, Digital Skills: 0808 100 3302

Learn Welsh: 01437 770180

Springboard: 07500 918050

North Pembrokeshire Community Learning Centres

(Fishguard, Crymych, Newport and St Davids areas)

Based at Fishguard Community Learning Centre
Ysgol Bro Gwaun
Pembrokeshire SA65 9DT

01437 770140

Mid Pembrokeshire Community Learning Centres

(Haverfordwest, Milford Haven and Neyland area)

Based at Haverfordwest Community Learning Centre
Pembrokeshire Archives
Prendergast, Haverfordwest

Pembrokeshire SA61 2PE

01437 770150
07557 191452

Pembroke Dock Community Learning Centre

Albion Square
Pembroke Dock
Pembrokeshire SA72 6XF

01437 770170

Tenby Community Learning Centre

Greenhill Avenue
Pembrokeshire SA70 7LB

01437 770190

Bloomfield Community Centre

Bloomfield House
Redstone Road
Pembrokeshire SA67 7ES

01437 770136
01834 860293

For all other enquires:

Bloomfield House
Redstone Road
Pembrokeshire SA67 7ES

01437 770130
07500 127146

Email: learn@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

Website: Learning Pembrokeshire 

Facebook: Learning Pembrokeshire (opens in a new tab)


Other useful contacts

Careers Wales

Careers information and advice 0800 0284844
All other matters 0300 1233833
Learning and Careers Advice Helpline 0800 100 900

Website: Careers Wales (opens in a new tab)

PAVS (Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services)

01437 769422

Website: PAVS (opens in a new tab)

Pembrokeshire College

0800 9776788

Website: Pembrokeshire College (opens in a new tab) 


Website: Dewis (opens in a new tab) 

Centre Information

Specific centre information, such as facilities available, contact details and health and safety information will be provided by your course tutor/centre administrator.

Course Information

Specific course information, such as course organisation, assessment and health and safety, will be provided by your course tutor.

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