Learner Information

Book and pay for a course

Please Note: Payment Is Required At Time Of Online Booking

  • Search and find your course.
  • Click on ‘Booking and Information’ to see more details about the class, Learning Centre contact and booking.
  • Some courses can be booked online. To do this, click ‘Book and Pay Online’. You will need to login via MyAccount to make your booking and payment.
    • Login to MyAccount
    • Add the Learning Pembrokeshire Widget to your MyAccount Dashboard (help)
    • Enter the required details to link to your Learning Pembrokeshire Learner record
    • You will see all recent class bookings with links and instructions to pay online.
    • Any issues, please ring your local Community Learning Centre
  • If an online booking option is not yet available for your chosen class, you will be directed to your local Community Learning centre.
  • If someone else is paying or you would only like to make a part payment for the class – please contact your local Community Learning Centre where payment details can be agreed and your booking taken.
  • If paying for a class (Full, Concession or Reduced fee options) is deterring or preventing you from making a booking, please contact the centre administering the class you are interested in, so that staff can discuss available funding options and arrangements with you. 

Other Costs 

In addition to course costs/fees, students are expected to provide their own textbooks, stationery and any materials for art and craft classes. Where materials are provided, there may be an additional cost. In some subject areas, Learners will be required to pay for photocopied materials that they retain. Learners are also responsible for payment of examination and accreditation fees. Tutors will provide further advice.

Have you made your booking via a Community Learning Centre?  You can still pay for your class online.


Online Enrolment

You are now able to complete an online enrolment form instead of filling in a paper form (help).

The information displayed will be from your most recent enrolment.  Please check and confirm your details, making any changes required. You can then tick the classes that you want to enrol on.





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