Kerbside Collection

FAQs: Residual (non-recyclable) Waste Collections

What are the residual restrictions?

Households will be able to put out a maximum of three residual (grey) bags every three weeks. We will provide every household with 52 grey bags for the year.

I have a large family. Can I put out more residual (non-recyclable) bags?

If you have six or more people in your household.

You will be able to put out one extra green bag every three weeks for every two extra people in your household.

  • Households with six or seven people will be able to put out one extra green bag every three weeks
  • Households with eight or nine people will be able to put out two extra green bags every three weeks.

Note: Home visits may be made by our waste advisors to confirm that the request is accurate.


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Won’t restricting the amount of bags lead to fly-tipping?

By using the weekly food and recycling collections there will be enough room in your grey bags for waste that can’t be recycled. 

There is never any excuse for fly tipping, and we have no reason to believe that the vast majority of Pembrokeshire residents will start breaking the law in this way. Just because there may be a minority of people, who decide to fly tip does not mean that we should not make changes to the service.

The most common items that are fly tipped are bulky items or trade waste - neither of which would be collected from the kerbside.

Bulky household items can be taken to the Waste and Recycling Centres (WRCs) free of charge, in most cases. We also provide a bulky household waste collection. This can be arranged via My Account or through the Contact Centre on (01437) 764551

Anyone found to be fly tipping will be prosecuted.

Will I be able to put out more bags during the Christmas and New Year period?

Yes. We know that a combination of Christmas presents, visitors and changes in collection days will mean fuller residual bags during this period. We will allow properties to present one extra bag at the kerbside during Christmas collection.

It is still important to recycle as much as possible though, including wrapping paper (test if it can be recycled by checking that it does not unfold again if you scrunch it up) and food waste such as turkey bones and potato peel.

Are you supplying the residual bags?

Yes, we will be supplying your three-weekly residual bags. They will now be grey bags which will be posted through your letterbox when being delivered.

Can I opt to collect my annual supply so I can guarantee I receive the bags?

Your new roll of bags will be delivered through your letterbox at the same time as your new recycling containers are delivered to your doorstep. If you want to collect them they can be picked up from our Thornton office (Thornton Business Park, Milford Haven, SA73 2RY). This would be by appointment only during September

Can I use a wheelie bin instead of a bag?

No, only waste in a grey PCC residual bag will be collected.

If households wish to place their bags in a container for collection at the kerbside this will be accepted. We would request the containers are no larger than 240 litres to enable the operatives to manually empty the container.

Why are you giving us plastic bags instead of wheelie bins?

When we planned this service we considered a number of options and decided that bags were the best option. Bags are easier to store for the majority of households and some residents are unable to handle wheelie bins or live in properties where the bins cannot be presented safely.

But shouldn't we be using less plastic?

Plastic bags are the most practical solution in terms of storage space, hygiene and weight. Also all of our new receptacles are made from recycled plastic.

Won’t this just encourage people to put rubbish in with their recycling?

There is no evidence to suggest that restricting the amount of residual bags people can put out would encourage them to put items that cannot be recycled in with their recycling – but there is plenty of evidence that shows there is a lot of waste that could be recycled (including food) currently placed in Pembrokeshire’s residual bag waste.

Restricting the amount of residual bag waste that is collected encourages people to think about what they throw away and to recycle more of the things that should be recycled.

Will I have enough space in the bags?

Yes, if you fully use your weekly food waste and recycling services you will have enough room in your residual bags.

Recycling facilities are also available at your local Waste and Recycling Centres (WRC).

There will be special arrangements for households of six or more people, and those with children using nappies or adults using incontinence products.

Won’t this encourage vermin?

Making sure that you use your lockable food waste caddy for any food waste and putting it out for collection every week is the best way to keep away vermin.

What about smells?

Using your lockable food waste caddy for any food waste and setting it out for collection every week will help avoid smells.

If anyone in your household uses nappies or other incontinence products, you can sign up for a FREE fortnightly Absorbent Hygiene Product (AHP) Collection Service

Bagging animal waste and putting it into the residual bag can also minimize the risk of smells.

We pay more council tax now; what are we getting for it?

We are going to be collecting more than ever; we are just changing how it is collected.

We are going to be recycling more materials so you will have fewer items in your residual waste bag. This will mean less of Pembrokeshire’s waste will go to landfill and incineration.

When the new AHP collection service is included in this data, 75% of all household waste will be collected every two weeks, with your core household recyclables being collected every week. Your remaining 25% of non-recyclable waste will be collected on a three-weekly basis.

What evidence is there that restricting waste improves recycling rates?

A number of other councils in Wales have already introduced restrictions to residual bag waste, which has proven to increase recycling rates.

Since Bridgend County Borough Council introduced their restricted residual collections, the recycling rate in the county has increased from 57.90% in 2017 to 68.55% in 2018.

What should I do with my pet waste and cat litter? Is there going to be an extra bag allowance for people with pets?

If dog waste is collected while out walking your dog it can be disposed of in street litter bins.

If cat litter, dog or pet waste is accumulated at home, it can be placed into your residual (grey) bag to be disposed of at the kerbside but it will be part of your three bag allocation per three weekly collection. If you are close to your limit or would prefer to dispose of this waste more frequently then it can be disposed of in the general waste container at any of our Waste and Recycling Centres.

Options for alternative disposal methods include the use of pet waste digesters and wormeries.

We have a coal fire so produce a large amount of ash, what do we do with it?

This should be placed in residual waste bags once it has cooled.

I live in a flat/an area that has communal waste collections.  Will the restriction apply to me?

We are asking all households to comply with the three-bag restriction. However, in areas where we provide communal collections, for example flats, we will work with residents and management companies over the coming months to see how best to apply the restriction.

 What about flats that do not have places to store three weeks’ worth of bags?

We are currently working with specific flats management agencies where appropriate. Where this is not in existence, we will be liaising with tenants to detail the arrangements. Models will vary, depending on the nature of the property and accessibility. Our waste advisors will work with residents as a matter of priority.

In my street, everyone puts their rubbish bags into one big pile. How will you know who has put out more than their limit of bags?

There are some locations where, although collections have traditionally been made from a communal pile at the end of the road, there is no real reason why the residents cannot put their bags at the front of their property on the kerbside instead. Some residents in these circumstances may soon find that they will be asked to stop piling their bags. They will be supported to make that change by our Waste and Recycling Advisors.

If someone is frequently putting out more than their three-bag limit (either by adding them to a neighbour’s pile, or to a communal pile) then they will also run out of bin bags much sooner than they should so they would not really gain anything. This would soon become clear from their phone calls/emails to request more bags. We will not collect any residual bags that are not PCC-issued. Our focus would be to work with residents and find out what issues are preventing them from recycling.

If people on one street, all put out their black bags at the end of the road for collection, how do you know how many have come from each household?

We are currently working with residents to collect from their nearest kerbside where appropriate.

How are you going to enforce people putting out more than three residual bags?

Everyone has a duty to look after the waste they produce and follow the regulations set for their property. We understand that some will have questions or require further support. Any residents that disregard the three-bag policy,  will be visited by our waste advisors and where appropriate, fixed penalties will be applied.

The Mount currently has weekly collections. Will that change?

Those areas currently receiving a weekly collection will be moving to a fortnightly collection in the near future, and they will be included in the three-weekly collections in November.


ID: 5491, revised 17/10/2019