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Kerbside Collection

Check if your new bags and boxes have been delivered

New recycling containers are now being delivered across Pembrokeshire, areas have been broken down by collection day. 

All containers are due to be delivered by 27th October 2019.

If your street/address should have received the new bags and boxes but you think you have been missed please contact  

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Boncath area

Newchapel, Llancych, Blaenffos, Abercych

Broad Haven area

Broad Haven, Broadway, Haroldston, Dreenhill

Burton area

Burton, Burton Ferry, East of Houghton, West of Houghton, Houghton and Newton Mountain, Hill Mountain, Port Lion, Sardis, Part of Llangwm, Deerland, East of Llangwm, West of Llangwm

Carregwen, Llechryd area 

Carregwen, Llechryd, Rhoshill, Bridell, Llantwood

Castlemartin areas 

Hundleton, Bentlass, Square Island and Whetstone Hill, Axton Hill, Orielton, Wallaston, Rhoscrowther, Chapel Hill, St Petrox, Maiden Wells, St Twynnells, Castlemartin, Angle, Angle beach area, Bosheston, Freshwater East, Stackpole, Stackpole area, East Trewent, Cheriton


Cilgerran, Llwyncelyn, Pen y Bryn

Clarbeston Road and Crundale

Clarbeston Rd, East of Clarbeston, Penffordd, new Moat, South of New Moat, Gwastad, Walton East, West of Clarbeston Rd, Bethlehem, Poyston Cross, Crundale


Clunderwen, Clunderwen area, A478

Cosheston, Carew, Milton, Sageston areas 

Upper Nash, Mutton Hill, Slade Cross, Cosheston, Paskeston, Cosheston Home Farm area, Milton, Carew Cheriton, Carew, Carew Newton, Sageston, Sageston area

Cresselly, Yerbeston, Martletwy areas 

Carew Mountain, Creswell Quay, Creselly, Whitemill, Loveston, West Williamston, Martletwy

Croesgoch area

Caerfarchell, Tretio, Berea, South of Croesgoch, Croesgoch, North of Croesgoch, Square and Compass, Llanrhian, Porthgain

Crymych area

Crymych, Brynberian, Brynberian outskirts, Crosswell, Felindre Fachog, Eglwswrw, Pontyglasier, Glanrhyd, Penygroes

Dale, Marloes area

Dale, Marloes, St Brides, West Marloes, South of St Ishmaels

Dinas Cross area

Brynhenllan, Pwlgwaelod, Cwm yr Elgws, Dinas Cross, Llanychaer

Fishguard Rd and Spittal

Tangiers, Withybush, A40 Fishguard Road, Rudbaxton, Golden Hill, Outskirts of Spittal, Spittal, East of Spittal, Wallis, Woodstock, Tufton, Henry's Moat, Castleblythe, North of Ambleston, Glan-dwr

Fishguard and outskirts area

Pontfaen, Dwrbach, Morfil, Fishguard Main Road, Fishguard, Fishguard Lower Town, Manorowen, Scleddau

Glandwr, Hebron 

Glandwr, Glandwr area, Hebron


Goodwick, Stop and Call, Dyffryn, St Nicholas, Llanwndda, Pencaer, Trefasser, Castlemorris, Llangloffan, Road to St Davids, Trecwn

Gumfreston, Devonshire Drive area 

Gumfreston, Little Wedlock, Devonshire Drive        

Hakin and Hubberston

Hakin, Gelliswick, Hubberston

Haverfordwest area

Pope's Hill to Merlins Bridge, Glenfields Estate, Merlins Bridge, Uzmaston, Merlins Hill/St Thomas Green, Furzy Park, Scarrowscant Lane, Haven Rd, The Courts, City Rd, Baring Gould Way, North of Town Centre, Cashfields, St Martins Park, Top of Cashfileds, Crow Hill, Top of Prendergast, Bottom of Prendergast, Cartlett, Uzmaston Rd, Barn St, Town Centre

Hayscastle Cross and Camrose area

Hayscastle Cross, Brimaston, South of Hayscastle Cross, Haysford, Wolfsdale, Leweston, Camrose, Camrose to Haverfordwest - B4430 Crow Hill


Herbrandston, Sandy Haven, Rickeston, St Ishmaels, Hasguard, Robeston West, Walwyns Castle

Hermon, Pentregalar, Glogue 

Hermon, Pentregalar, Glogue, A478, Crymych to Hermon

Hook, Rosemarket area

Hook, Outskirts of Hook, West of Hook, North of Hook, Little Milford, Freystrop, Lower Freystrop, Rosemarket

Jameston area

Jameston, Manorbier Newton, Manorbier, Manorbier area, Skrinkle area

Johnston area

East of Johnston, Johnston to Rosemarket, East of Steynton, South of Johnston, Johnston, Pope Hill, Glen View/Old Hakin Rd, North of Tiers Cross, 

Keeston and Simpson Cross

Slade and Pelcomb Bridge, Pelcomb Cross, Keeston, Outskirts of Keeston, Simpson Cross, Outskirts Simpson Cross 

Kilgetty, Begelly, Sardis 

Kilgetty, Kilgetty - Station Rd, Kilvelgy Park, Kilgetty outskirts, Ryelands Lane, Kingsmoor Common and The Grove, Begelly, Parsonage Lane - Begelly, Sardis, Fir Grove - Begelly, Begelly, Begelly area

Lampeter Velfrey 

Lampeter Velfrey, Llwynpinner, Lampeter Velfry area, Llanmill, Llwynpinner to Velfrey Rd

Lamphey, Hodgeston, The Ridgeway areas 

Lamphey, Lower Lamphey Rd, Ridgeway, Hodgeston

Lawrenny, Landshipping, Coedcanlas areas 

Lawrenny, Lawrenny Quay, Coedcanlas, Landshipping, Blackpool Mill area


Letterston, Llangwarren

Little Haven

Little Haven, Walton West, Hasguard Cross, Talbenny, Druidston, Nolton, Nolton outskirts, 



Llandeloy, Trefgarn- Owen, Pont-yr-Haford

Between Mathry and Llandeloy, Treffynnon, North East of Treffynnon, West of Llandeloy, North of Llandeloy, Llandeloy, Trefgarn-Owen, De Trefgarn Owen, Cuffern, Pont-yr-Haford, Gorllewin Pont-yr-Haford

Llandewi Velfrey 

Llandewi Velfrey, Llandewi Velfrey area

Llandisilio and Llanfallteg 

Llandisilio, Landisilio area, Llanfallteg, Llanfallteg area, Efailwen are


Llanfyrnach, Llanfyrnach area, Glandwr, Henfeddau

Llanfyrnach area

Cilrhedyn, Clydey, Llwyndrain, Bwlch y groes, Star, 

Llawhaden, Robeston Wathen areas 

Llawhaden, Llawhaden area, Gelly area, Robeston Wathen, Sodston area, Canaston Bridge, Robeston Wathen area, Gelly, Colby area, Bethesda

Ludchurch, Princes Gate 

Ludchurch, Ludchurch area, Princes Gate

Lydstep area 

Lydstep, Manorbier area

Maenclochog, Llangolman, Mynachlogddu 

Mynachlogddu, Maenclochog area, Llangolman, Maenclochog to Bigny Cross area, Llandilo area

Mathry area

Trefin, Abercastle, West of Mathry, Mathry, North of Mathry, South of Mathry, Castlemorris

Milford Haven and Steynton

Steynton, Bunkers Hill, Marble Hall area, Pill, Milford Haven Central, Milford Haven South, Milford Haven North,


Moylegrove, Moylegrove area

Narberth and Narberth area 

Camp Hill area, Market St, Maes yr odyn estate, Northfield Rd, Narberth Bridge area, Coxhill area, Jesse Rd, Coxlake, Garfield Gardens, Spring Gardens, James St, Narberth area, Redstone Rd, old mart ground, Kiln Park rd

New Hedges, Saundersfoot

Saundersfoot - Valley Rd, New Hedges, Twycross, Broadfield Hill, Swallow Tree, Rushey Lake, Scandinavia Heights, The Strand, Frances Rd, Saundersfoot, Saundersfoot area 

Newport area

Newport, Nevern, Parrog, Mountain West, Felindre Farchog, Cilgwyn, Pontfaen, Glanrhyd

Neyland Area and Waterston areas

 Neyland, Honeyborough, Llanstadwell, Mastlebridge, Little Honeyborough, Waterston, Blackbridge


Neyland, Honeyborough

Pembroke, Monkton 

Golden Hill, The Green, Rocky Park, Buttermilk, Golden Brake, Orange Gardens, Grove, part Green, Kingsbridge, Upper Lamphey Rd, Monkton

Pembroke Dock, Pennar, Llanreath 

Llanion, Donovan Reed Gardens area, Waterloo, Bush Camp, Pembroke Ferry, Albion Square, Queen St area, High Street, Upper Laws st etc... Hawkstone Rd area, Pennar, Bufferland, Cuckoo Wood, Llanreath, Cross Park, Market area - Pembroke Dock, Pennar Park

Penally area 

Penally, Penally area

Pentlepoir, Kingsmoor area 

Narberth Rd area, Clayford Rd, Wooden, Moreton, Moreton Lane area, Coppins Park, Pentlepoir, Sun Valley, Valley Rd, Millfields Close Area, Templebar Rd, Kingsmoor, Bush Farm area A477, Cold Inn, East Williamston


Puncheston, Little Newcastle, Little Newcastle outskirts

Redberth area 

Redberth, outskirts of Redberth

Reynalton, Jeffreyston, Loveston, Broadmoor areas 

Reynalton, Reynalton area, Thomas Chapel, Langdon area, Jeffreyston, Loveston area, part of Martletwy, Molleston, Molleston area, Broadmoor


Roch, North of Roch, Newgale, Penycwm, Penycwm to Solva, Brawdy, Middle Hill


Rosebush, Rosebush outskirts, Mynachlogddu, Rhosfach, Maenclochog


Whitchurch, Lower Solva, Upper Solva, Nine Wells, Llandruidion, Vachelich

Stepaside, Pleasant Valley Wisemans Bridge Areas 

Stepaside, Pleasent Valley, Summerhill, Pleasant Valley area, Summerhill area, Amroth, Amroth area, Kilgetty Lane - Stepaside

St Davids

St Davids, East of St Davids, Whitesands, West of St Davids, North East St Davids

St Dogmaels 

St Dogmaels, Poppit, Cippyn, Glanteifion

St Florence area 

St Florence, Minerton area, St Florence area, West Tarr

Sutton, Keeston area 

North east of Walwyns Castle, Portfield Gate outskirts, Portfield Gate, Sutton, Portfield Gate, West of Pelcomb, Lambston, South of Simpson Cross

Tavernspite, Llanteg 

Llanteg, Tavernspite, Tavernspite outskirts, Ludchurch, Amroth area, Melinau area


Tegryn, Clydey

Templeton, Cold Blow, Crinow 

Templeton, Molleston, Templeton - Providence Hill area, Templeton - Fords Lake area, Templeton - Tanners Lane, Cold Blow, Crinow


St Johns Hill, Upper Hill Park, Lady Park Area, The Glebe, Park Court, Garden Meadows Park, Marsh Rd, Newell Hill area, Oakridge Acres area, Serpentine Rd, Knowling Mead, 
Crackwell, St Julian St, Warren St, Harding Street areas, Green Crescent, The Green areas, Battery Road, Tudor Square, Old Narberth Road Area, Southcliffe Gardens area, park Rd, Northcliffe, The Norton, Broadwell Hayes, The Clicketts, Greenhill Rd and Avenue, Heywood Lane

Tiers Cross, Liddeston, Thornton areas 

Liddeston, St Botolphs, Thornton, Harmeston, Johnston, Old Hakin Rd, Tiers Cross

Wiston area/A40

Scotchwell Park, A40 East of Haverfordwest, Millin Cross, Slebech Park, The Rhos/A40, Wiston, West of Wiston, outskirts of Wiston, North East of Wiston

Wolfscastle area

Treffgarne, outskirts of Wolfscastle, Wolfscastle South, Wolfscastle West, Wolfscastle North, Sealyham, Welsh Hook, North West of Welsh Hook, North of Pont-yr-Hafod, East of Pont-yr-Hafod








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