Inclusion Services

Welcome to the Inclusion Service

Here you will find information for families who have children/young people with Additional Learning Needs (ALN). The overall aim of the Inclusion Service is to promote achievement and wellbeing for all, and to ensure that all learners in Pembrokeshire are supported to reach their full potential.

This means making sure that all children and young people have equal access to opportunities and services; all children and young people are offered a high-quality education which is broad, balanced and relevant to meeting their individual needs; and that children young people and their families are at the heart of the process.

This website is divided into four main sections: Provision and Support, Parent partnership, TAPPAS, and ALN Transformation

Eliza's Story

Who’s Who - Inclusion Service & Additional Learning Needs

Early help and specialist support

  • Claire Bullock, Early Help and Specialist Support - Team Lead
  • Sally Evans, Advisory Teacher - Autism
  • Kathryn Brown, Advisory Teacher - Inclusion & Wellbeing
  • Emma Wilson, Specialist Teacher - SpLD
  • Helen Butland, Advisory Teacher - Complex Needs
  • Julie Fudge, Advisory Teacher - Dyslexia & Behaviour Support
  • Carolyn Cox, Inclusion & Communication Support Assistant
  • Melanie Skyrme, Inclusion & Communication Support Assistant
  • Sally Rothery, Complex Needs Support Assistant
  • Elonwy Howell, Inclusion & Communication Support Assistant

 Parent Partnership Service

  • Leonie Rayner, Parent Support Manager
  • Janice Managhan, Inclusion Support Worker
  • Hannah MacDonald, Parent Support Worker
  • Donna Smith , Inclusion Support Worker
  • Georgie Barton, Inclusion Support Worker

Educational Psychology

  • Dr. Lorraine Silver, Principal Educational Psychologist
  • Heidi Evans, Senior Educational Psychologist
  • Dr. Emma Emanuel, Specialist Senior Wellbeing Educational Psychologist
  • Dr. Janet Mycroft, Educational Psychologist
  • Lucy Harrold, Educational Psychologist for YPLA
  • Angharad Cooze, Educational Psychologist
  • Louise Murray, Educational Psychologist

Sensory Impairment, Complex Physical/Medical and EAL

  • Annette Thomas, Sensory and EAL Services - Team Lead (Qualified Teacher of the Deaf)
  • Caroline Ball, Specialist Teacher for Complex Physical Needs
  • Mair Anwen Jones, Specialist Teacher for Visual Impairment - QTVI
  • Lucy Richardson, Advisory Teacher of the Deaf/Hearing Impaired
  • Sarah Starling, Specialist Advisory Teacher of the Deaf/Hearing Impaired
  • Donna Rowlands, Primary MEAS - Support Assistant
  • Hayley Howells, Specialist Adviser for Children and Young People with Complex Medical Needs

Elective home education

  • Susan Lees, Manager of Elective Home Education
  • Victoria Brace, Elective Home Education Advisor
  • Maria Griffiths, Education Support Officer for EHE

Behaviour support services 

  • Sian Williams, Headteacher PLC
  • Richard Hobbs, Secondary Behaviour Advisory Teacher
  • Julie Fudge, Primary Behaviour Advisory Teacher
  • Sarah Starling, Primary Behaviour Advisory Teacher
  • Jim Parsons, Primary Behaviour Advisory Teacher

School Counselling Team 

  • Lyn Herde, Development Officer (SBCS)
  • Bethan Francis, School Based Counsellor
  • Jess Hope, School Based Counsellor
  • Amanda Griffiths, School Based Counsellor
  • Brigitte Osborne, School Based Counsellor
  • Jo Owens, School Based Counsellor
  • Dean Scourfield,  School Based Counsellor
  • Aly Saint, School Based Counsellor
  • AJ Griffiths,  School Based Counsellor

Looked after children

  • Terina Thomas, Interim Advisory Teacher for LAC
  • Lucy Harrold, Educational Psychologist for YPLA
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