How Your Money is Spent

Housing Services

Your Council Tax contributes towards…

  • providing services to prevent homelessness.
  • assisting people with a disability to adapt their homes.
  •  enabling new social housing developments in partnership with local housing associations.
  • providing tenancy support to vulnerable people, in partnership with third sector partners.
  • giving advice on home energy efficiency and safety.
  • enforcing the Rent Smart Wales registration/licensing scheme in private rented properties.
  • responding to thousands of nuisance complaints and mediating or taking enforcement action to ensure that people have safe and healthy homes and communities.
  • inspecting private rented properties to ensure they are safe for occupation and not a risk to health or present a risk from fire.
  • bringing empty homes back into occupation in the County and raising the standard of properties
  • ensuring tenants are properly treated when they are renting homes through the private sector in the County.

 Council housing is wholly funded by the rent paid and does not have an impact on Council Tax.

ID: 748, revised 23/01/2023