How Your Money is Spent

Environmental Services

Your Council Tax contributes towards…

  • carrying out approximately seven million collections of refuse and recycling from over 61,000 households every year. Last year, we collected more than  5,035 tonnes of food waste, 2,957 tonnes of glass, and 8,700 tonnes of material in orange bags from the kerbside.
  • providing 89 recycling points and six Civic Amenity and Recycling Centres with facilities to recycle over 25 materials, resulting in the collection of more than 10,200 tonnes of reused and recycled materials.
  • composting approximately 7,800 tonnes of green waste per year through the garden waste collection service and Civic Amenity and Recycling Centres. 
  • monitoring air, land and water quality and dealing with noise, pests and stray dogs.  
  • regulating small scale industrial processes to ensure environmental compliance.
  • responding to approximately 1,000 reports of fly tipping a year.
  • conducting some 1,545 food safety inspections and 250 health and safety inspections annually. 
  • providing the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme, ensuring that food businesses are rated.
  • dealing with more than 650 trading standards complaints and over 405 animal health and welfare requests.
  • licensing 63 animal establishments.
  • helping to protect vulnerable people from telephone, mail, doorstep and internet scams.
  • conducting Trading Standards inspections at car dealers to ensure fair and safe trading.
  • testing 100% of petrol pumps and all bulk fuel tankers to ensure accuracy.
  • carrying out nearly 11,520 service requests, and issuing more than 1,170 licences.
  • running Parc Gwyn Crematorium near Narberth, and maintaining 11 cemeteries around the County.
  • the burial of the deceased with dignity where there is no next of kin and the exhumation of dead bodies whilst controlling associated risks.
  •  collecting stray dogs to protect the dogs and people from risks of harm and ensuring that stray and unwanted dogs are properly re-homed.
  • micro-chipping thousands of dogs in the County to ensure that their owners can be traced and they can be safely returned home if they are lost.
  • resolving problems with filthy and verminous properties throughout the county so as to ensure there is no public health risk.
  • ensuring that defects with private sewers and cesspools are repaired to prevent raw sewage in public areas giving rise to conditions that are prejudicial to public health.
  • dealing with rat infestations through enforcement to prevent risks to public health.
  • mediating and enforcing in High Hedge disputes.
  • enforcing anti-social behaviour requirements to ensure people enjoy safe and quiet communities.



ID: 743, revised 23/01/2023