How to Tender Guide

Tendering Do’s and Don’ts


  • Check the deadline time and date for return of tenders.  Ensure you put enough time aside to complete the documentation.
  • Ensure you answer all the questions in full as set, giving details of the specified requirements and providing evidence as indicated in the guidance.
  • Ask for clarification if you are unsure on any part of the specification or have general queries in relation to tender documents, including contract terms and conditions. Clarification and other tender related queries must be submitted via the e-tender wales (Bravo) portal for all electronic tenders.


  • Do not return your tender after the closing date or time as late tenders will not be considered unless in exceptional circumstances.
  • Don’t “make up” the questions so you can include what you want in your response: we can only evaluate information that we have asked for.
  • Don’t be put off by the documents, seek support e.g. from tender advisors, attending  supplier engagement events.
  • Don’t submit prices which are so low that if awarded the contract you can’t actually supply the goods/services at that price to the quality specified.
  • Do not assume that we know everything about your company and the goods and services that you provide. This is particularly applicable to companies who are currently or have previously contracted with the Authority. Tenders will be evaluated on your written submission and not any previous experience of dealing with us.

Please note that the Council has the right not to accept any tender which we think are abnormally low or unviable.


ID: 10857, revised 14/12/2023