Housing Repairs and Maintenance

Home Improvements

What if I want to carry out improvements to my home?

Your tenancy agreement gives you the right to make your own improvements to your Council home as long as you get our written agreement first.

We welcome people making their own improvements, and only say ‘no’ if there is a good reason – if the work would affect your neighbours, or be unsafe for example.

Do I need permission to carry out improvements from the Council?

Should the Council discover that work has been carried out to a home without permission; the Council has the authority to ask you to change the premises back to its original condition. Alternatively the Council may ask you to carry out further work until it meets the required standard. If you are unable to carry out this work the Council will carry it out and charge you the cost of doing so.

So please don’t start work until you have got the permission you need – you could end up having to put it all back again!

If you would like to carry out any home improvements please complete an application to undertake alterations/improvements to a Council property form, or phone the Contact Centre on 01437 764551 to request a copy

Compensation for improvements carried out by you

At the end of your tenancy, you may be able to get compensation for certain improvements you may have made to your home. A list of qualifying improvements can be provided by Pembrokeshire County Council Housing Department.

Compensation is only payable at the end of a tenancy. The amount will be based on the original cost and expected 'life' of the improvement. However, certain conditions apply and you should contact Pembrokeshire County Council Housing Department for further information 01437 764551.

Improvements carried out by the Council

When improvements are due to take place adequate notice will be given by the Council before we begin work on your home. If any work damages decoration inside, you will be compensated accordingly or the Council will repair the damage.

In some instances the Council may have to move you out of your home for a short while if a large amount of work needs doing i.e. modernisation and refurbishment of homes. We will provide you and your household with another suitable property until the work is complete and you will be compensated for the disturbance caused.

Throughout major works, we will consult with you and keep you informed on progress and work carried out.

Further information on this document can be received from Pembrokeshire County Council Housing Department.

For further information please contact:

Andrew Hugman
Tel: 01437 775609
Email: tenants.alterations@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

ID: 1830, revised 13/09/2022