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Being the first ever Nation of Sanctuary, Welsh Government wants to ensure that hosts have necessary understanding of how best to support our Ukrainian Guests.

There are a few things in life more difficult than being forced to flee your country and start over. In supporting someone who has been displaced from their home, you will experience a learning curve.

To help guide you with this, Welsh Government created a Guide for Hosts and Sponsors which you can refer to at any time.

Housing Justice Cymru

Commissioned by Welsh Government, Housing Justice Cymru aims to support and guide you through your experience of hosting and sponsoring. They organise ‘Introduction to Hosting’ events to help you gain understanding of the role that you could play in helping someone settle in Wales.

To book and attend one of the sessions please visit the Housing Justice Cymru website or Guide for Hosts and Sponsors


Rees Foundation

Locally, we can facilitate further help and support via Rees Foundation, which offers help, guidance and mediation to hosts and Ukrainian families.  The wrap around support service is specifically designed for those who have taken a refugee family into their home.  The service includes :

  • 24/7 Assistance - Unlimited 24/7 365 access to Accredited and Qualified Counsellors or Psychotherapists - including cover for partners and dependents.
  • Silvercloud Online CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help overcome common mental health problems.
  • Advice Lines - Additional support services including financial advice, legal advice, consumer advice, career advice, mediation & more.
  • Stay Connected - The Stay Connected groups allow you to connect virtually with other hosts and share help and advice
  • Training Podcasts - Informative podcasts with experiences of those who have worked with refugees.
  • Digital Wellbeing & App - Online platform with a range of coach-led or self-directed programmes

All hosts in Pembrokeshire are automatically enrolled with the Rees Foundation and for further information on how to access this FREE support please contact the Community Hub on 01437 776301 / email

Safeguarding Training

There is no expectation that you will complete this training but as some Ukrainians will have suffered trauma and may be vulnerable, your staff may wish to access our free training on safeguarding and trauma-informed practice.

Online Safeguarding Training Module. This is available using Google Chrome as a web browser: Course: Safeguarding Training - Supporting Ukrainian Refugees in Wales ( Enter as a guest for free access.

Introductory trauma-informed services training

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