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What should I put in my compost bin

Remember that compost works best with a good mix of Browns and Greens.

Greens - peelings from vegetables, fruit and salads, grass clippings (not too much at once), soft young weeds, soft young hedge clippings, remains of plants, teabags and coffee grounds, natural fabrics e.g cotton or wool, this will compost best if you cut it into strips hair and feathers.

Browns - crumpled or shredded cardboard packaging, crumpled up waste paper, egg boxes not the plastic ones! Woody prunings (chopped or shredded), dust and fluff from the vacuum cleaner, straw and hay, e.g guinea pig or rabbit bedding

Do not compost - plastics, metal and glass, meat, fish and dairy products, oil, leftover cooked food, dog and cat faeces, disposable nappies, man-made fabrics such as nylon, any material from diseased plants, coal ash

ID: 714, revised 13/06/2022