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Problem solving

Do I need a big garden?

No. You can make a small amount of compost from kitchen scraps, enough for any indoor pots or planters.

Is it safe to make compost with children around?

Yes it is. Follow sensible hygiene precautions, such as hand washing, as you would after any outdoor play. You should never include cat or dog faeces in your compost.

Why has my compost stopped working?

It's probably too dry.Water it with a watering can, stir it up, and try adding more greens.

Why is my compost smelly and slimy?

You have probably added too many greens. Add more browns to restore the balance, and use a broom handle to poke air holes into the heap.

When I take the lid off my bin, why are there small black flies inside?

These fruit flies are completely harmless. In summer they feed on fruit and vegetable scraps. You can prevent their appearance by adding a layer of soil or grass clippings then leave the lid off the bin for a while so they can fly away.

ID: 723, revised 15/09/2023