Home Composting

How do I make compost

1. Place your bin in a well-drained, level spot. If possible put it on bare earth rather than concrete so that decomposers can get in. Not too far away from the kitchen.

2. Put a few woody plant stems at the bottom, to aid air circulation.

3. Add compost as it comes. Remember to get a good mix of Browns and Greens added together or in alternate, thin layers.

4. Collect fruit and vegetable kitchen waste in a compost pail (buy a purpose made caddy or make your own e.g. an ice-cream tub with a lid). Keep the caddy handy (by the sink) and empty into your compost bin every day.

5. Activators. If a good mix of material is added your heap will not need any further help. If nothing seems to be happening you can use an activator to get the bin 'started'. Any of the following make excellent free alternatives to activators sold in shops: Nettles, comfrey leaves, chicken manure, young weeds or dilute urine.

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